And the Winner of the Dessert Truck Throwdown…

…with Bobby Flay has still not been revealed.  Yesterday, we showed you Chris Chen’s poker face and today his partner Jerome weighs in on the whole Eater “should we or shouldn’t we” reveal the winner of the Throwdown before it airs: “What other show is as effective as Throwdown in using the power of a well-known chef to celebrate the efforts of local chefs? By revealing the winner to a Throwdown, you eat their bread and butter.”  So you are admitting that the episde will “celebrate” the effort of The Dessert Truck?  The truth is I think secretly Food Network doesn’t (or shouldn’t care.) All of this internet stupidity just gets more people excited to see the show- and I hardly think revealing the winner to us few Dessert Truck loving nutjobs will eat into the Food Network’s “bread and butter.”  The number of people who will see the results on the internet pales in comparison to the millions of viewers these shows get when they air.  I’m just saying (selfishly)… damnit Eater, reveal the winner already!!!


  • Actually the winner was revealed on Serious Eats… in a comment. And Eater linked to that comment in their original “Should we or shouldn’t we?” post ;)

  • @Yvo – I saw that comment, but I actually read its meaning differently. The comment before it said

    “I physically cannot wait for this update. I hope, and believe in my heart of hearts, that the DT will school Bobby Flay. I love seeing him lose, almost as much as I love the Dessert Truck.”

    And the next comment (which you’re referring to) said:

    “Bobby actually did a great job. It’s funny to see him lose but this one is going to be tough…”

    What I read it to mean was “as much as I love to see bobby lose… this battle is going to be tough.”

    Later the same guy commented on a different post saying “Both puddings were awesome! Tough choice!”

    I ain’t saying Bobby didn’t lose… I’m just saying I don’t think that comment was a cut and dry official reveal.

  • I’m not getting it, I find it hard to care what random people picked out of the crowd deem a winner. In fact, unless I know their palate and their favored flavor profiles I don’t real care what celebrity/chef/judges/experts think either. You can’t really live vicariously when it comes to the sensual, eating and sex in particular.

    @Zach: that said, I also understand content is hard to come by ;-)

  • Well okay, I’ll concede that some do get their kicks by watching, of so I’ve been told.

  • You know me so well Bossman. It’s just all filler until the next Street Meat Palooza! :-)

  • @Zach: Hmm… good point. I actually re-read that comment a few times because I had trouble determining his final meaning. I don’t like Flay so I’m totally reading everything with the feeling he lost, so that probably doesn’t help :)

  • my friend went down there and says the dessert truck ended up winning.

  • Now I will definitely watch. I love when that arrogant jerk gets told that random people can cook things that 20 years of schooling and experience can’t teach him.

  • All Flay is good for is southwestern anything and steak. I bet even his bread-pudding had corn and salsa in it.

  • i love the show, think it is done in good spirit and you should give BF a break.

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