At Lunch Now: Dessert Truck’s Throwdown Poker Face


Chris Chen looks like the freakin’ Mona Lisa at the Dessert Truck today (on 52nd and Park), where mums the word over their big Throwdown with Bobby Flay in Union Square yesterday.   Serious Eats: New York has got a pretty comprehensive look at the whole competition, but everybody was sworn to secrecy as to who won.  Our bet… the results will be up on Eater before the end of the day.

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  • Chris Chen is looking pretty cute right there, nice arms.

  • I’m withholding judgement until Wayne weighs in.

  • Smithers: Should I send out for some Chinese?
    Mr. Burns: No, those people are all gristle.

  • Harold?

  • pulled…….goodness.

  • I saw it Rudy … too personal – you should have gone for a cat consumption or diminutive genitals joke instead

  • How about not going for any of those jokes?

  • No.

  • No jokes = no readers = no advertisers = Hungry Zach

    Can’t have that

  • Jokes are ok… let’s just try to keep the overtly racist ones to a minimum. You know how little I moderate…

  • God bless you Zach, you lazy overfed food-mensch!

  • ….yet you let vagetarians wander free…

  • Sources say Chris is single, Mamacita.

  • I dunno, I’m just not getting the ‘straight’ vibe from this cute dude. I feel like straight guys never bother to have arms that good.

  • Well groomed buff metrosexual asian dude selling girlie food

    No doubt his sign is “Deliveries in the rear”

  • ugh wayne, your racist and homo jokes make me ashamed to be reading this blog. like.. i can’t even imagine what a douchebag in real life you are. and the worst part is that you’re trying SO hard bring on the zingers but you’re not funny at all!

    “deliveries in the rear”
    ahahahah! where’d u get that from?


  • i enjoyed wayne’s joke and i also enjoy the admonishment of that joke. taken alone, neither is quite satisfying. the joke is cheesy and the admonishment is too acidic. but together, they neutralize each other and become One, like white sauce on red on 53rd and 6th.

    low-brow humor + up-town indignance = mid-town lunch.

  • pamplemousse

    What you need young lady is a good hard cock, right up ya arse.

  • alright… enough please.

  • so wait, i’m going to be in a warehouse with two different dessert trucks (this and van leeuwen) run by cute singletons? fire and brimstone can’t keep me away now.

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