CONFIRMED: Dessert Truck is About to Throwdown

Union Square has been transformed for a truck on truck, Flay vs. Dessert Truck, bread pudding battle, and Eater has got the photo. Man I wish this had been in Midtown. Clearly last week’s hunch was true…  Anybody up for a victory party tomorrow at the Dessert Truck’s normal Midtown spot on 52nd & Park?

UPDATE: The second truck is actually a Red Hook ballfield vendors truck, and it has left the scene.  Photo after the jump…


Photo courtesy of Adam from The Life Vicarious who also uncovered this intel earlier today. It’s definitely a Throwdown.


  • i hope flay gets beat.

  • We all know what the opposite of throwdown is……

  • Stood-up?

  • Har! Touché…..close…. very close.

  • Flay always loses.

  • Please, only savory dishes on Throwdown! Please!!!!!

  • He beat a black woman at mac and cheese once..

  • ^that’s unpossible.

  • There’s this one episode where Flay challenges the Doughnut Plant dude and the guy FREAKS. His panicked reaction made me cringe. I mean absolutely no poker face. He was not happy. I was actually relieved for him when he won. I’m not worried for the Treats Truck. If it’s not blue corn battered deep fried chicken drowned in a spicy & sweet sauce made with honey or molasses, he’s not going to win it.

  • @JustNancy – I concur, I don’t think the Treats Truck has anything to worry about.

  • My friend works for Food Network and works on Throwdown. The donut guy refused to do the show because if he lost, then his reputation would be shot. They told him they would rig it so he won.

    The donut guy is a huge chump.

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