At Lunch Now: 99 Cent City Burger Madness

Here we go again! The scene at City Burger $1 burger day (on 39th just
East of Bway) is vaguely reminiscent of opening day with a few key
changes. Only 1 person at the register so the cooks don’t get
overwhelmed, and the orders seem to be coming out a little faster… but
there is still a general disorganization, and orders are coming out
wrong (not surprisingly.)

Got in line at 12:15, ordered at 12:30, food came out at 12:45 (although
the guys after me got their food 5 mins before I did, and they ordered
their burgers cooked medium, and I ordered mine medium rare. Go
figure.) All in all, not terrible… unless yours was one of the orders
they screwed up. Line is a little longer now at 12:45, but not by much.
“Sister Christian” playing while I waited for my food certainly
helped… not a complete shitshow- but the potential is there. You
have until 3pm (and of course there is next tuesday and the tuesday


  • I just finished my cheeseburger w/works and bacon. It cost me less than $3 total (all I had in my wallet) and it was pretty damn good. I was in and out of there in less than 20 min. There should be more of these recession busters!! More!!

  • Zach, tomorrow I will be setting up a milk crate, playing Winger, Dokken and Poison on a boombox in rotation and selling shit sandwiches for 39 cents. I expect you to be first in line.

  • wonder what kind of business they’ll have on all the other days when burgers are regular price…

  • Just back from the 20 minute lineup. Paying a dollar skews my opinion, but it’s not bad. Not a fan of this bun and I cant taste the “crispy onions”, but I would do this again on a Tuesday.

  • Below is my comment from 11:22 in the original CB post. At 11 am, there was absolutely no line at all. Had my burger about 5 minutes after walking in the door.

    Just got back from City Burger. The 99-cent burgers start at 10 am, btw. All single burgers are 99 cents (regular, cheese, turkey, veggie–I doubt the salmon burgers are 99 cents but I didn’t ask). Of course, just 1 burger per customer!

    I got mine with the works–lettuce, tomato, onions, pickle, mustard, and (supposedly) ketchup and mayo, which I didn’t detect. The onions were sharp and the generic yellow mustard a bit overwhelming, so next time I’d just get lettuce and tomato.

    As to the burger, I ordered it medium-rare and it was closer to rare, but not a problem. The meat was moist but not juicy at all, not tasting even close to the Shake Shack burger which reportedly uses the same meat. I suspect a lot of the juices are lost on the grill from the sounds of it. The burger was a good size, fairly thick but no real char on the outside. The bun was a bit large and fluffy, and could use a bit of compression before eating.

    Overall, not a bad burger but not exceptional. Not close to the Shack or Burger Joint offerings in terms of juiciness, but the quality of the meat puts it above the generic deli/shop burgers.

  • Below is a comment from last week,incase you missed it.

    Comment from Rudy McBagel
    Time: October 9, 2008, 2:03 pm

    Samwich,All veggies should have their balls dipped in hot oil.

  • lol. All Rudy, all the time!

  • Ha! I’m in that picture =)

    First time posting on the site but I read it daily…

    Got a cheeseburger + mayo and ketchup, medium well.

    The patty was a little thicker than I expected which was a pleasant surprise.

    I ended up taking off the top half of the bun and tossing it out… I have never done that before, but just didn’t like the taste of it. The rest of the burger tasted just fine though. I’ll make the trip back next Tuesday for another. It was definitely worth my 99 cents at least.

  • Woooo! I’m next to the munimeter with my 2 cohorts. I lost all my money in the stock markets and all I got was this $0.99 cheeseburger. Can’t complain too much though. It was a pretty good lunch, thanks!

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