At Lunch Now: Free Food Madness at AQ Kafe


It’s over now, but if this photo is any indication, it was complete pandemonium at AQ Kafe today during their free food giveaway.  Danny from Food in Mouth sent us the photo and had this to say: “Insane in the membrane…yo i couldn’t get in that line, it wasn’t moving and it was LONG. so no idea how good it was…”  A few reports of the scene and food were posted as comments to yesterday’s post (if such a thing interests you, they’re after the jump- along with another photo of the madness.)


Anon – 11:24 “Was there at 10:50 and the line was just forming. There are 5 free sandwiches being offered: ham, roast beef, tuna, tomato + farmer cheese, and turkey. woohoo free lunch!”

Niu Yorker – 11:31 “Got there right at 11 and the line was to the door with about a dozen people ahead of me. line out the door when i left 5 minutes later with roast beef, horseradish remoulade, lettuce, crispy onions on onion rye bread sandwich. black forest ham is described as trimmed with red cabbage, apple, sauerkraut, herb mustard on onion rye bread. turkey was not yet ready, but would be in a few minutes.”

Tom – 11:51 “I had the Black Forest Ham sandwich and it was pretty good for free. But if I were paying $9, I would have complained about the weak bread and diminutive size.”

Thanks again to Danny for the photos. Go to his blog Food in Mouth. It kicks ass.


  • Yeah if I was there, that arrow would have said, “walk out of subway, say holly shit, walk back into subway”

  • I got there around 11:30 and waited about 10 minutes. It was surprisingly fast and easy. I ordered a turkey sandwich, which was already pre-bagged, and walked out within a minute.

  • I second Swan, I got in and out within 10 minutes or less. I also agree with your quoted commenter Tom about the Black Forest Sandwich, it’s not worth $9 after tax.

  • That picture is from around 12:30, so I think it might have looked different at 11:30.

  • I got there about ten after one. Still a line but it went fast. They were giving away free coffee coupons. I got the beef goulash and it was off the hook great.
    The sandwiches do sound a bit on the expensive side. But a bowl of soup or one of the entrees would be well worth the price. (Their swedish meatball entree is also excellent.) The food tastes like somebody’s swedish grandma just made it for you.

  • Holy crap, I’m famous!

  • Freeloading bloody pikeys.

  • @ rudy: free is all we can afford these days.

  • Bollocks, theres been financial crisis for 6 weeks not 6 years.

    Is there hyper inflation, no has your rent gone up 50% ,no

    I can guarantee in that line above there’s some fucker on 500k a year.

    Prolly that twat on the right holding his chin….”hmmmm can i right this off to tax…”

    It’s been a bad week.Srry

    Or as Lou would have it; LOL

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