Friday is Free Sandwich Day at AQ Kafe


Thanks to all the lunchers who emailed me about this one. Free coffee is nice, but free sandwiches is like hitting the jackpot. The new AQ Kafe on Broadway btw. 58+59th will give out free sandwiches on Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Available for eat in or take out, you’ll get a choice between their Turkey (w/ jarlsberg, lingonberry jam, and lettuce on wheat), Vine Ripened Tomato (w/ cucumber, farmer’s cheese, and sprouts on wheat), or the Tuna Salad (with tomato, pickled onions, and celery on wheat). Bummer that one of the choices isn’t from the hot sandwich menu (swedish meatballs anybody!?!) and the gravlax club probably would be too much to ask for- but whatever. You won’t hear me complaining about free food. Plus, the manager told me they plan on doing more of these kinds of giveaways in the coming weeks, so stay tuned…


  • i wonder if there’s gonna be a line… hmm..

  • …..Danny, does the Pope shit in the woods?

  • Rudy… yes, but the question is where does it flush after he poops in the bullet proof pope-mobile that’s parked in the woods?

  • on a related note on the giveaway front, at 10:40 a guy in front of the store was handing out sips of vanilla latte and cards good for a free coffee or tea between 2-5p any day through 12/2008.

  • Danny, it is captured in a DHL envelope and express-mailed to Kati Roll for use at lunch the following day

  • Was there at 10:50 and the line was just forming. There are 5 free sandwiches being offered: ham, roast beef, tuna, tomato + farmer cheese, and turkey. woohoo free lunch!

  • got there right at 11 and the line was to the door with about a dozen people ahead of me. line out the door when i left 5 minutes later with roast beef, horseradish remoulade, lettuce, crispy onions on onion rye bread sandwich. black forest ham is described as trimmed with red cabbage, apple, sauerkraut, herb mustard on onion rye bread. turkey was not yet ready, but would be in a few minutes.

  • just got back, line was short and moved quickly, though they wouldn’t give me a second one for my coworker who “couldn’t make it down.” :(

  • I had the Black Forest Ham sandwich and it was pretty good for free. But if I were paying $9, I would have complained about the weak bread and diminutive size.

  • about to eat my tuna! line was about 15 minutes out the door.

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