At Lunch Now: Roast Pork Sandwich Edition (I’m A Terrible Jew)


What can I say?  I feel like if you are going to sin, you may as well do it up right.  I mean, if I’m going to eat on Yom Kippur- why not EAT on Yom Kippur, right? Two years ago I made a list of pork and shrimp dishes in Midtown that were worth going to hell for, and since that list still applies today- I decided to head over to Cafe Cello (on 46th btw. 5+6th).  Thanks to a lunch’er tip, I discovered that they are now serving a roast pork sandwich, made from their always amazing roast pork.  But don’t get too excited, it’s just pork on a generic looking roll with lettuce and tomato.  And they don’t press it or anything, so it’s not like a legitimate Cuban. I think I’ll just stick with my standard roast pork over rice and beans with plantains (and crispy pork skin of course.)  Like I said… if I’m gonna be bad, might as well be really bad. 

Bacon wrapped lobster for dinner anyone?


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