Rachel Ray Bringing Burgers to Midtown

From the NY Post: “Ray… the self-described ‘burger freak’ plans to open a hamburger joint in Midtown next year. ‘I’m going for a ’60s back-in-the-day Rat Pack-y kind of hangout, and I want the bar to be really central [and] the burgers to become a very social thing,’ says Ray. ‘I want people to come to the bar to see beautiful proper martinis being made and to enjoy some sliders while they’re doing business or sit in the dining room and have fine dining in ground form.’” Chance that a Rachel Ray burger joint in Times Square will be annointed a proper ‘Midtown Lunch’? Zilch. [via Eater]


  • im sorry but at what point do they mention that this restaurant will be in times square?

  • @buu – It’s just my guess :-)

    She’s trying to spin it as an upscale lunch place for business people, but clearly it’s going to depend mostly on tourist business.

  • Hopefully somewhere around Bryant park area… not enough decent non-touristy middle of the road restaurants around here. The idea of getting a great martini around here, and not resorting to the W or $16 ones at Cellar, sounds exciting

  • Will everything be cutesy and acronymed?

  • yes Dubbin, it’ll be acronymed as POS

    ok ok, that’s not fair. no idea what it’ll taste like, it might even be good.

  • This has Rockefeller Center written all over it.

  • I will only eat here if the color orange is absent.

  • Rachel Ray needs to be placed in a burlap sack and beaten with reeds.

  • After reading the list of crap filler ingredients in her dog food line, she couldn’t pay me to feed it to my beast. So I assume her burgers will be made by applying the same philosophy: sketch quality + slick marketing. And she goes on about a “proper martini”…

  • They can put it next to the new Magnolia, in fact. Clearly a tourist-driven enterprise, unless the burgers turn out to be awesome, and even then, odds the businessfolk will want to brave the tourist crowds are slim.

  • I will go there and leave a Rachel Ray sized tip and see how they like it!

  • This woman and her burgers are evil.

  • The famed Rachel Ray 40 dollars a day 5 % tip!
    God I love the episode of No Reservations when they went to some spot featured on 40 Dollars a day and Anthony Bourdain asked a waitress about the tipping situation with Double R and it was less than 10%. hah.

    evoo burger.
    30 minute meal burger.
    “stuffed chicken cutlets” burger…
    what else can the Michelin star deserving RR whip up for this latest whore her name out for the better sake of her bank account?

    We need gimmicky names people!

  • I agree with Zach – this place will be so god damn commercial the only suitable location will be right smack dab in Times Square. Ray is so promotional (she has her face and name on olive oil for Christ sake – like she grows the olives herself or something). The people behind her and the mighty dollar will turn this into a expensive tourist trap with sub par food.

  • Rudy will reference her hubbies penchant of paying to be spat upon, I’m sure, ha ha.

  • If she is serious about good burgers and what not, she should take a look at “goodburger” and see if martini’s can actually be made along side her burgers.

    must we hate everything that is semi-well known (outside of midtown lunch)?

  • I hope snipers were waiting for her….

    Someone needs to shut her big ugly yap… her and her stankin made up words…

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