Free Thursday Coffee & Biscotti Alert

Lunch’er Sara was kind enough to pass along this info: “I just read this in one of my industry email updates and thought I would pass it along. This Thursday (tomorrow morning) from 7-11 a.m., ladies dressed in “Starter Wife” attire (the new USA Show) will dispense free coffee, and branded biscotti… from seven wrapped hot dogs carts… in high-profile locations such as Penn Station, Grand Central, Rock Center, Herald Square, Union Square, Columbus Circle and Times Square.”


  • What is a “wrapped” hot dog cart? Is that some kind of marketing-speak? Or is Christo a-comin’?

  • appreciation for sara and zach for bringing this to my attention. hit up the columbus circle, rockefeller center, times square, and penn station locales where the advertised young ladies in purple dresses served up au bon pain java and biscotti. of course, 5 cups of joe on an empty stomach may not of been the wisest choice for someone who doesn’t usually drink the stuff . . .. incidentally, they were out in force until noon.

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