Just What Midtown Needs: More Cupcakes & More Tourists

New Magnolia in Midtown
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Fans of mediocre cupcakes, your day of joy has finally arrived.  Magnolia Bakery is set to open their 3rd location in Midtown next week on 49th and 6th, in the space formerly occupied by Citarella. Brownie from Blondie and Brownie crashed their opening party last night, and sent along a ton of photos.  Just what we need… more lines of gawking tourists clogging up the sidewalks during lunch. Thanks, but no thanks.

More cupcake news after the jump…  

Photograph by nycblondieandbrownie

Back in July Crumbs announced they’d be opening another location in Midtown on Madison btw. 52+53rd.  No official date has been set, but it’s being reported that it will be sometime this month.  Plus, according to Cupcake Takes the Cake, Crumbs will be giving away 1000 free cupcakes at their University Place grand opening next week.  Let’s hope they do the same in Midtown!  Now that’s a grand opening I can get into…


  • …more tourist hate. its new york!

  • Cupcakes are for the small-minded.

  • Bossman only rolls with the full tray of entenmann’s chocolate cake. Represent!

  • Tourists taste better when they’re full of sugar.

  • It’s like a vicious fro-yo/cupcake cycle! Christ.

  • I will be frequenting the better of the two. Bossman, you can corner me there.

  • Opening day is next Wednesday, Oct. 8th, bright & early at 7am!

  • I never understood why people go crazy for Magnolia…during the summer I took friends to try it…and still they taste just ok…i thought the icing is nice but the rest is bland and dry.

    What’s the best cupcake…I luv cupcakes that are moist and soft..any suggestions???

  • Sugar Sweet Sunshine in the East Village is great. Try the pistachio.

  • Oops, I meant Lower East Side. On Rivington.

  • @Abrain: Totally agree on the dry factor. Sugar Sweet Sunshine is quite good. I’m also a big fan of Batch on West 10th Street. Carrot cupcakes with salted caramel frosting…mmm.

  • Girlie.


  • Magnolia is one of the most overrated ever, I’ll take Sugar Sweet Sunshine. Which is in the neighborhood and a nice lil walk back and to there.

    They also make a killer strawberry rhubarb pie when it’s in season!

    Also someone needs to tell the folks at Magnolia to take their ego bloated heads and stuff it up their tight butts.

  • It’s not a cupcake place, but try Junior’s in GCT. Better than half the cupcake places out there.

  • I like buttercup. I have to try Sugar Sweet Sunshine and compare. If you’re ever in Queens (Astoria or Midtown) Martha’s has a decent red velvet. I did try Billy’s over the summer and ended up with 3 burnt Red Velvet cupcakes (and I couldn’t tell b/c the cream cheese frosting covered everything until I got into the car and unwrapped) and a stomach ache. Apparently, whatever die they use, I’m allergic. Orrrr, it was the combination of Supermac + burnt red velvets.

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