Are You Lunching Less in This Failing Economy?

Are Midtown Lunch’ers Taking a Bath?

According to this AMNY article some are “packing leftovers for lunch instead of hitting the Midtown sandwich shops.”  I know alot of Lehman employees were also Midtown Lunchers, and I’m sure expense account places are hurting.  On the other hand, the lines at street carts don’t seem to be letting up. Are you bringing your lunch more often now?  Or just opting for cheaper places?

Photo taken 9/26 on 6th Ave. btw. 49+50th by The Flooz


  • Where’s the Doc?!!

    I need to know if there’s a 1 in 4 chance that guy in the fountain has infectious herpes. That’s where I fill my goddam Nalgene bottle!

  • I honestly have no idea what i spend on food. But i know i’ll always be spending more money than i should.

  • I love how you disregard the fact that I haven’t even lunched with Brownie in about three weeks now, and her and I have a little joint venture if you didn’t know.

  • I’m bringing my lunch more, or opting for lunches like 2 empanadas at Tina’s or patties at Golden Krust. I gotta start saving up for expensive holiday airplane tickets!

  • In all seriousness. I’ve been buying frozen dinners on sale at the market a few blocks away from work and stocking up the work freezer. This weeks sale was on The South Beach Diet dinners. They were actually pretty good. But really small portions :-(

  • Mama, a Harrods Iberico Jambon with dijon or english mustard on a sugar glazed french bread baguette for you tomorrow.With Walkers cheese & onion crisps.And full fat coke.

    I’ll get Sarah a carrot of something.

  • I goout/buy lunch maybe once a month. Otherwise I bring leftovers or buy frozen food at Trader Joe’s that lasts a whole week.

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