Are You Lunching Less in This Failing Economy?

Are Midtown Lunch’ers Taking a Bath?

According to this AMNY article some are “packing leftovers for lunch instead of hitting the Midtown sandwich shops.”  I know alot of Lehman employees were also Midtown Lunchers, and I’m sure expense account places are hurting.  On the other hand, the lines at street carts don’t seem to be letting up. Are you bringing your lunch more often now?  Or just opting for cheaper places?

Photo taken 9/26 on 6th Ave. btw. 49+50th by The Flooz


  • I already have a pretty strict $5 and under p/day budget when it comes to lunch so I don’t find myself packing lunch anymore than normal, since going grocery shopping has become even more expensive than before.

    If I do spend more than $5 for lunch I will save it so that it will last me until the next day.

    Also, since Chinatown is still the cheapest, I make the trip down there save a significant amount of dollars.

  • I’ve decided to steal my co-workers food :-P

  • brown bagging it today (roasted veg). i am trying to curb my food spending…i don’t think i’m buying lunch less often, but i’m certainly choosing items more based on price.

  • I do the same thing as HungryAnon with the $5/day budget. I was at Indus Express earlier this week at noon and there were only about 3 other people there. 3 weeks ago it was packed at the same time. My masala dosa had a lot less filling than usual, too.

  • Eh, my budget (including lunching) is already considerably less than I earn. When I switch jobs, though…

  • Sevrugar instead of the Iranian stuff……….walked past ‘Pret and thought…”hmmmmmmm, looks ok”

    It’s that bad.

  • I am blissfully unaware of my lunch budget. I am sure this will catch up to me … someday.

  • Budget Shmudget! Let them eat cake!

    Seriously, I am a cheap bastard already, and actually have saved the most money I’ve ever saved for spending purposes….so my eating out continues to roll on—without worrying about money….for now…..

  • I’m bringing it more often because I’m on my pre-holiday party season diet, not that there will be many holiday parties this year.

    Forget the guy reenacting La Dolce Vita, why is there someone lying on the sidewalk?

  • Speaking of Pret…what’s up with having a Pret on almost every corner in London? I couldn’t believe how many I saw when I was over there. Do Londoners really like it that much? I didn’t dare go into one considering how expensive the NY ones are.

  • The fact that cart business is up makes sense as their food is traditionally cheaper than your average lunch spot.

    In my year and 7 months in NY/at my job, I have never once brought lunch from home. My budget for lunch is whatever I’m hungry for…whether it’s $4 chicken over rice or overpriced $18 salad bar at FreeFoods. Live to eat!

  • sometimes i starve myself at lunch, and then i remember that money is worthless to me after i starve to death.

    budget is the same. pack home lunch a couple times a week still, but that’s been the same ole same ole for a few years now.

  • “overpriced $18 salad bar at FreeFoods”

    I think I just heard my wallet cry in pain…

  • I’m going to Dishes (45th St) more often now. I can have an ounce of food from the buffet and limit the spending to $5.00. Yay me.

  • I’m saving money by repeatedly having my invitations to lunch ignored.

  • I bring rice and daal from home with some sort of sauteed veggies (CSA rules!) most days. My almost vegan/peasant diet is supplemented by 1 -2 trips to a cart each week (Jamaincan Dutchy yesterday…soooo good) to make sure I get enough crappy meat in my system.

  • Blondie, quit standing up Bossman!

    If only Rudy wasn’t married……

  • Buying $5 footlongs at Subway, putting half in the company fridge for the next day. This is also helping with diet considerations, as I leave off the cheese, dressing, and other greasy stuff.

  • I try to bring lunch 1-2 times per week. When I eat out, I bring my own bottled water (savings of $1.50 to $2) and try not to spend more than $10.

  • I’ve almost exclusively brown-bagged my lunch for the last eight weeks… and I’ve lost 10 pounds in the process. When I splurge, it’s on the Gray’s Papaya recession special, a slice of pizza, soup from outside, and when I’m really too busy to prep a lunch Subway is probably the most reasonably caloric/cost option in the Garment District. I used to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner out nearly every workday, and now I’m cooking all three.

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