Dessert Truck is Back

After a week of not being allowed to park in Midtown the Dessert Truck is back open for lunchtime business. Got this note from Chris the owner this morning: ”We’re back in business for our day spot (on Park Ave. & 52nd St.) We’ll be opening a bit later than usual but will be open til 5pm as usual.”  They’ve also added pumpkin custard to the menu. Definitely might have to check that out this week.


  • The pumpkin custard was phenomenal. Spicy pumpkin goodness covered, by milky goodness, topped off by chunks of brown sugar-covered pecans. Mmmmmm.

  • My coworker and I went there last week and we could not get any service! This truck is TERRIBLE! MY coworker agrees with me.

  • The Desert Truck is getting hit with some sidewalk competition! I went over that way mid-day yesterday and there were kids surrounding the truck selling M&Ms and such out of boxes- in a harrasing way. So I did not get my fix because I: a) didn’t want to be harrased any longer and just wanted to get off that block, and b) I would have been further harrased and felt guilty if I had gone to the truck in the midst of the surrounding salesmen. And I don’t think I’m the only one that felt that way because there was not a single person in line either…

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