Rickshaw Dumpling Truck Hits the Streets!

According to Eater, the Rickshaw Dumpling Truckhit the street for the first time yesterday, parking at 51st and Lex.  Anybody see the truck or get a chance to sample?  Today they’re parking on Wall Street for lunch (what’s up with that?!?!)  Secretly, I guess I’m grateful- the last thing I want to be doing in this weather is stalking a dumpling truck.   

Eater says “they’ll be serving an abbreviated menu including six dumplings (for $6), watermelonade, and sides like chili sesame noodle salad” which kind of begs the question- why would anybody who works downtown pay $6 for dumplings, when there are so many other cheaper dumpling options. As with most of the new trucks in the city, you can follow their location on twitter. If anybody gets a chance to taste, let us know what you think.


  • $6 dollars? man.. i dunno.

    They must be making money if they can expand from 23rd to 8th to a truck. I don’t know who goes there though…

    And did you see the other day, Ed Levine called some of these hipster food trucks? Add another one to the list…

  • What are the twitter names for the other trucks?

  • Rickshaw dumpling is vile! That watermelon juice garbage is the most overpriced and awful drink I’ve ever endured. I ate at their place on 23rd and 6th a couple of yrs ago and literally threw out my lunch after 2 bites and a sip….I don’t know who goes there but I guess some people will eat anything if they think its hip.

  • I was with my co-worker Goats when he ate there, and we agree that the food is terrible.

  • Sarah Hellerman would see the silver lining in a mushroom cloud.

  • @Red,

    for the Wafle and Dinges truck, it’s at:


  • Their fried, chocolate filled dumblings are good. Runny but good – as long as you’re not expecting Valhrona chocolate.

    I think the regular dumplings are good too.
    Agree 100% that drinks suck – esp watermelon nastiness, damn.

  • Ugh why are they even bothering? Their dumps are awful and overpriced.

  • I wish someone would say that about my dumps :-(

  • Boyd–your dumps are wonderful and smell like roses and soy sauce….

  • What????? Boyd is vegan?

  • Vegans shit rosewater and whole grains.

  • Cue vegan self-righteous outrage, Day Two.

  • I sincerely apologize for my husband’s disruptive behavior.

    He’s been on edge waiting for the wire transfer from Mr. Williams Kabor with the African Development Bank Group.

    I’ll see that he gets back on his medication right away.

  • Had the dumplings at their place on 8th–nothing to write home about, but not vile. Hard to imagine going out of your way to hit a cart for, though.

  • It’s on 57th and Park today (SE corner)…. I waved my enchilada plate from El Ray under their noses.

  • Just saw it around 3:20pm today, closed for business, but sitting near the corner of 45th & 6th Ave

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