(For Some Unknown Reason) A Halal Cart Posts Calorie Info

It’s been all carts all the time this week!  But this one was too good not to post… “How many calories is there in a plate of street meat” is a question I get pretty often.  I guess there are a lot of people out there who are interested.  I am not one of them. Unfortunately, I spotted this (accidentally, of course) posted on a cart in Midtown East. It might be worth noting, the calorie laws that went into effect earlier in the year, only apply to chain restaurants… not carts. I’m not sure whether the white sauce is included in the 680 calories that make up a lamb over rice platter.  A good reporter would have asked… but like I said before- I really don’t want to know.

UPDATE: A savvy commenter pointed out that those numbers are for 100 grams, which is less than a quarter pound of food.  I feel like an order of street meat weighs at least half a pound… which means that sign is kind of misleading!

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  • who orders a cheesesteak with rice?

    well, on the bright side I can never finish a whole lamb&rice platter so I can cut that calorie count in half. It’s actually not that bad!

  • heh, yeah there is no way that includes the white sauce. but all in all, it could be worse. there is a hell of a lot of food in that platter.

  • Mamacita!!! I am so disappointed!!! Why can’t you finish a measley lamb & rice platter?

  • no way those are correct….. those #s are complete BS. Maybe add a 1 in front of them and it will be more accurate.

  • @mfc
    I’m in denial.

  • For approx. 100 grams, not necessarily the entire platter.

  • Those numbers aren’t THAT far off from stuff google brings up…



  • You must have smaller calories there.

  • Hey it makes total sense – you can pretend you’re eating real lamb & chicken while you’re dreaming about the low calorie counts. Now imagine the cart jockey as a young, dashing Omar Sharif and the fantasy is complete!

  • Some quick math: As posted, the sign says 100 grams of Gyro platter = 680 calories.

    Platter probably weighs (conservative estimate) = 1 pound = 16 oz. = 435 g.

    435 g is 4.35 times the posted calories on the sign.

    4.35 x 680 = 2,958 calories.

    About the same as 2 Quarter-Pounders with Cheese, a large fries and a large Strawberry Triple-Thick Shake.

    Unless of course you get the white sauce (+ 5000) … or diarreha (- 3500)

  • Nice ciphering, Wayne, plus you get white sauce with Sharif (if you play your cards right).

  • After Blondies no-show last night…Bossman has a very large untapped white sauce supply.


  • I didn’t get where I am today by coercing white sauce out of street meat vendors!

  • totally unrelated, but I am working in Boston today and picked up Orange Chicken from Panda Express (had to be at least 1500 calories with fried rice and egg roll). Not trying to rub it in, but Zach is the only person in the world that could convince me to eat “chinese food” from a mall food court. Wasn’t half bad, not sure if I would call it “addicting”

  • @flatrock – oh yeah? what food court? i have to say, when I lived in Boston, i found the Panda Expresses there to be sub-par. It wasn’t until I moved to L.A., and discovered the stand alone Panda Express that I became a super fan.

    Have they improved Boston’s Panda Expresses?

  • I sincerely apologize for my husband’s disruptive behavior.

    He’s been on edge waiting for the wire transfer from Mr. Williams Kabor with the African Development Bank Group.

    I’ll see that he gets back on his medication right away.

  • prudential center food court. It’s my first ever Panda Express experience, so I can’t compare it. But my hangover special (aka sesame or general tso chicken, fried rice and egg roll from Hing Won) is better. Then again, i doubt this Panda Express ever got the DOH!

  • wow, rudy, wow.

  • …..did say sorry:)

  • Where did they get their information from on the calories?

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