New Taco Cart Gone Missing?

From Lunch’er Lou about the new Mexican cart near Bloomingdales: ”1:30… 9/24… No cart on 3rd and 60th” Ay. No es bueno… although maybe it has something to do with the U.N. meetings?  Carts have been reporting problems all week. The Dessert Truck scrapped their lunch service this week, and the Biryani Cart on 46th and 6th said they didn’t get their chicken delivery until 1:30 p.m. the other day. They’ve also put off opening their second cart until next week.  All because of the street closings, and general mess in Midtown East. I’ll give it until Monday before I start worrying about El Rey del Sabor

UPDATE: One lunch’er reports eating there at 12:30pm today, calling into question whether or not Lou was in the right place.  60th Street, just West of 3rd Avenue.  South side of the street.  Were you in the right place Lou?  Taco fans need to know…


  • I ate there today! Around 12:45.

  • Maybe I’m wrong… I just checked the corners of 60th and 3rd… I walked down 60th to 2nd… didn’t see anything… walked to 59th and 3rd… nothing… again… maybe my sense of direction sucks, but I didn’t see anything that quite resembled this place…

  • I think you walked the wrong way Lou, but I’ve never been so I can’t say for sure. It appears to be on the north side of Bloomie’s, by the employee entrance. I know that overhang.

  • South-West corner of 60th and 3rd when I went there, on 60th under the overhang. I missed it the first time.

  • i was there today at 12 had a torta quesdilla and a burrito to go.they definately were there and so was a line.People were starting to grumble because it was slowwwwwwwww going.On a brighter note it was muy bueno

  • Man I am perplexed folks… I got off the 6 train at 130… exited on lexington ave and 60th… i walked on 60th up to 3rd ave… even down to second ave… on the corner of 60th and 3rd, i looked around and saw nothing resembling it… for reference i pulled out my phone to check out the site… and i never noticed the overhang… so it is very well conveivable that i just wasnt in the right place… cause i saw no overhang anywhere… im sure im wrong… i hope so i want to try the cart out… i was relegated to generic deli food lol.

  • did you walk on the south side of the street, directly next to a huge building named “Bloomingdale’s”? did you see annoyed retail workers smoking ciggies next to said building? zach can only take you to the water, Lou!

  • by the way zach i had the burrito (pork) and alas wasnt that good though the torta and the quesadilla were spot on!!!

  • I ate there yesterday at about 12:45 and had the Huarches (AWESOME) and a tamale. Apikoros was happy– And Mrs. Apikoros has demanded a tamale be brought home for her this eve!

  • i was there @ 1:15pm yest. cart was there. i yelped it.

  • Looks like I was wrong… that’s a good thing…

  • Dude,

    627 NINTH Ave

    Ninth is the ave west of 8th and east of 10th.

    Just north of 44th St on the WEST side of the street

    44th is North of 43rd and South of 45th.

    North is as the numbers go up, South is the opposite.

    West is as the numbers go up, East is the opposite until you hit 5th.

    Up is increaingly higher.

    If you hit 5th you’re probably lost…. ask someone for directions).

  • Had two pork tacos and some tongue-numbing red sauce. Excellent.

    It’s under the scaffolding, sort of in the dark… I didn’t notice it till I was about 5 feet away.

    Service was slow… seemed like lots of people in the cart and only one of them cooking, one guy taking money and orders.

  • I think Lou is lost.

  • Has anyone been to this cart lately? Could you tell me when it usually arrives for lunch and when it leaves? I want to make the trip but don’t want to be sorely disappointing if its rarely around anymore.

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