Obika Watch Day 2


Yesterday was supposed to be the grand opening for Obika, the Italian Mozzarella bar in the atrium on 56th and Madison- but as Eater reported yesterday, and today, the place is not open. I love cheese just as much as the next guy, and I’ll probably check it out the day it opens just to be sure- but from all the press it’s gotten I’m starting to think this is definitely not going to be a Midtown Lunch…

Thanks to Lunch’er Bossman for sending along the photos.


  • I believe that’s Sarah Hellerman in that photo with her imaginary co-worker.

  • Yes! That is me!

    This is too much….first you spy on my IP address and now you stalk me with a camera? I can’t believe it. People, I am not a big star like Adam West or Tony Danza……just leave us alone!

    My coworker says he is not imaginary and I agree with him

  • Not much change today other than the bags of sand that were outside on the floor yesterday are now on a cart presumably to be brought into the plywood-encased area to be mixed with cement (should that interest you).

  • what is the estimated new opening date?

  • The bags of sand still sit atop the cart, however, today I saw two construction workers (either that or a couple of homeless guys jumper the barrier and were making off with a glass counter). Doubtful this opens this week.

  • Padlocked the two times I passed yesterday. They’ve moved all the construction stuff into a much smaller area of the atrium, seating has returned. I peaked inside and there were four guys behind the bar, one gesturing madly with both hands and the other 3 looking on with quizzically. I also spotted a construction worker inside (chatting on his cell). I’m guessing if it’s happening this week it’s not until Friday.

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