New AQ Kafe Shooting for Monday Opening

Just in the nick of time… TONY is reporting that the new AQ Kafe (on Broadway and 58th St.) is opening “this week”, and a quick call to the store yielded this info:  they are planning to open on Monday morning. Of course, as you know “plans” don’t always work out as… uh… planned.


  • Zach, I am near AQ almost every day feeding my voracious wine habit at Columbus Circle Wines next door and always glance into the AQ construction. I would be astounded if they open by Monday since they are nowhere near complete.

  • Hi. I also live in the neighborhood and walk by the restaurant every day. The door was open today so I walked in to take a peak. The restaurant is beautiful (earthy and grounded with muted Scandanavian colors). The AQ Kafe staff — a nice looking, friendly and “international” group of people — was preparing for the opening and they invitred me to taste some of the offerings. I can tell you that AQ Kafe has “best in the world” gravalox; Sweadish meat balls that are actually better than the fabulous meatballs served at Aquavit (the 5 Star restaurant that the AQ Kafe team owns); and the breads and pastries (all made in house) that were just outstanding. And the coffee — wow! But here is the great news: the price point for a meal of this quality is really reasonable. Move aside Le Pain Quitotian. This will be a home run and it’s great news for the neighborhood! I bet it will open on Monday!!!

  • Is the word “shill” spelled with one “L” or two?

  • anyone from AQ Kafe would know how to spell gravlax… and know that there are no 5 star restaurants.

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