Expect Lines and Lengua From the New Mexican Cart Today

Photo by Food in Mouth

The Friday scene at El Rey del Sabor, the new Mexican taco cart on 60th and 3rd, is all the proof you need that Midtown is starved for good Mexican food.  According to the comments the line on Friday was “20 gringos deep” at one point, they ran out of pork, and by ”2:40 they were out of rice and beans.”  Of course now that they realize the secret is out, I’m guessing this week they’ll be more prepared.  According to one comment yesterday, big changes are already in the works…

“I was talking with the guy that cooks he said to be ready b/c tomorrow they are gona be serving new meets like lengua and corn on kob I can’t wait!!. O and the lengua is gona be a little more expensive so lengua tacos might cost round 3 dollars, but don’t worry chicken, beef and pork stays the same.”

Spelling and punctuation aside, if the source who posted the comment is indeed correct, this would be awesome news. Corn?  Tongue tacos?  Oh yeah…


  • This sounds amazing. I take it this is more of a lunchtime only offering to midtowners?

  • I just got back from the cart (based on your suggestion on friday).

    They opened late. I think there was something about an inspector lurking around. They were just opening at 12:45.

    They were running late, so they said they wouldn’t be doing pastellios, just flattop stuff (huarachas, tacos, burritos). Unsure if that included tamales.

    The huaracha was great. I agree it should have been stewed pork shoudler not cubed chewy pork. Tasted fantastic though, and just the right size for $5. I was actually able to eat it like a taco though, it was just under the too-messy threshold.

  • Just got back from the taco cart myself. Had to wait a while for them to whip up my torta, but there wasn’t really a line to speak of. As far as taco trucks go, this one doesn’t really measure up. The torta was kind of skimpy. I barely saw any vegetables and don’t think there were beans in mine. Also the guacamole they used wasn’t very good. But at $5, it sure beats a $10 lunch at Pax.

  • Yeah, for $5, you cannot beat the halal carts. But this place is still a keeper. The woman ahead of me got a burrito for $5, and it was certainly the size you expect a burrito to be in NYC. Next time I’ll load up on $2 tacos and pastelillos instead.

  • So? Who got tongued at El Rey del Sabor?
    Was it good?

  • Mamacita, my tongue can lick my eyebrows, if such things tittilate you.

  • Chances are that at least 4 of the people in that picture have infectious herpes.

    I have a new MySpace page, should that excite you.


  • He also bought me a 100 dollar gift certificate to my beloved Applebees, where I can assure you I will be enjoying the neverending riblets tonight. I may gain a pound or two, but once I went over 700 no one notices such a change to my rubenesque figure. You know, the riblets did end one night when my hubby did not get (in his opinion as a retired educator with several advanced degrees) good service, and chose to show his displeasure by rubbing pus from his many venereal sores on all the barstools. Fortunately, though we can never return to THAT location, they built another closer to where we live since.

  • well im the guy that had posted the comment about the lengua and corn kob. well due too the inspection and the fact that they had trash bins covering thier original spot it was impossible for them to be ready and serve people. But they said tomorrow they will make it up to all thier loyal customers and all the new ones that didnt get to enjoy the delicios food they serve. FYI the lengua was great!!

  • 1:30… 9/24… No cart on 3rd and 60th

  • Well u must not be wanting it cuz it was there @ 11 wen I went

  • i was there @ 1:15pm. cart was there. i yelped it today.

  • you suck

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