Banh Mi Finally Coming to Midtown Proper


Oh what a difference an avenue makes!  When Boi to Go, the fast food Vietnamese offshoot of the restaurant Boi, opened in May of last year, it caused me to walk one avenue farther than I think any Midtown Lunch’er should have to walk (it’s on 2nd Ave btw. 42+43rd.) But for the only banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) in Midtown, a man will do crazy things.  That is also why I didn’t complain too much about the price tag ($7.50).  Compared to Chinatown or Sunset Park, what Boi to Go serves is a not entirely authentic (what’s with the avocado?), overpriced sandwich. However, you put it next to most Midtown deli sandwiches, it is competitively priced- and freakin’ delicious.  And now, it’s going to be one avenue closer- in proper Midtown Lunch’ing range.

In about month, Boi to Go will open a second offshoot on 3rd Ave. btw. 44+45th called “Boi Sandwich”.  I haven’t heard exactly what the menu will be, or if it will effect what is going on at the original Boi to Go, but if they serve the same sandwiches I’ll be pretty damn excited.  (Even though I could probably use the extra walking…)

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  • Anyone know if tasty bahn mi exists anywhere in (sigh) Midtown West?

  • mistaken the sign for ‘BOY TO GO’…

    got excited for a second…

  • If memory serves, this is the second day in a row where you’ve kind of poked at those of us in East Midtown. We’re still totally a part of Midtown!

  • @Adam – Sorry! Didn’t mean it to be like that… it’s just that I don’t feel like 2nd Ave. is part of Midtown (even though there are folks who work on Lex or 3rd who may walk over there) just as I don’t think 9th Ave. is part of Midtown (even though a lot of people who work on 7th Ave. or B’way will walk over there)

    So whenever I write about places outside of either boundary, I just like to point out that I realize I’m going outside of my comfort zone… (absolutely nothing against lunch’ers on the East)

  • *sigh* Still too far from me!

    And Momofuku Ssam has dropped (last I looked, anyway) the head cheese from their version, rendering it still tasty but no longer outstanding.

  • I really hope it’s better than Boi to Go. I’m spoiled by Chinatown and so Boi to Go really couldn’t meet my expectations. Overpriced, slow, inauthentic, boring, and yet I am still fluttering in anticipation of something good and Vietnamese in Midtown. And yes, 2nd Ave is still Midtown!

  • boi to go has good sandwiches, for where you are, etc., but it always smells like hot farts in there.

  • nice!

  • I don’t like chinatown much, litle bit dirty. also add a $ tab (Subway on your sandwich and time also).. ANYway, i am going to Baoguette on Lexingtong ave for a very goo Banh mi sandwich for only $5…

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