At Lunch Now: Jury Duty is Awesome!


Are you kidding me? 4 hours of doing nothing, and then an hour and 45 minute lunch break? Two blocks away from Chinatown. Judicial gods- please oh please pick me for a trial. I have so much left to do here. Although… with the damage I did today for only $5.80, I’d be scared to look in the mirror after a few weeks of lunch’ing down here. Full report coming tomorrow…

(Added Note: I have already seen fellow possible jurors come back to the room with crappy looking pizza, Subway, and one girl with just a starbucks- you know, because that’s lunch. Such suckers!)


  • I *hope* you rocked Nha Trang (Baxter).

  • Some suggestions:

    Fuleen Seafood (on Division, off Bowery). $5.50 lunch special. Soup, dish, and rice. Shrimp in Spicy sauce, Broiled Tunny, Ma Po Tofu, all very very well done, Hong Kong Style.

    Excellent Pork Chop House (i think that’s the name) on Doyers Street. Excellent chicken legs, excellent wantons in spicy oil. do Chinatown coverage alright, as their office is on E Broadway. Check it out.

  • I thought that said Boiled Bunny. *shudder*

  • Once you get on a trial a lot of the fun & free time will be gone. It is nice up until then.

  • Bunny stew… mum….

    I had garlic rabbit at the Stinking rose in Beverly Hills… that was yummy

  • There’s always one cute chick, sit next to her and get me her number..

  • If you get a boring case tell them you’re Welsh Methodist and therefore hate everyone and wouldn’t be able to give a fair and unbiased judgement.

  • boiled bunny…nom nom nom

  • nothin wrong with a lil boiled coony and taters…If you’re a hobbit that is…

  • I got picked for a trial once, best four days of my career, so far. Even when we ‘deliberated’ during lunch time, they bought us pizza. free pizza, can’t beat that with a stick.

  • Oh, and I think you should go have a coconut bun from Mei Li Wah. I hear they’re delicious when warm.

  • Told you!

  • $5.80??? I’m jealous. Need to get me a job down in chinatown…

    and that looks like a picture of Mei Li Wah…

    anyway if you’re down there, I also like New Malaysia.

  • The feast of San Gennaro is on on Mulberry st, so check that out, though it can be over priced, all that yum is still pretty good. And don’t forget to down a bag of hot fresh doughy zepolies infront of the starbucks girl, show her what she’s missing poor thing.

  • This past Saturday I had the coconut bun (warm) from Mei Li Wah & was very disappointed. Lack of flavor & overall gummyness. Also Mei Li Wah’s pork bun had a very strong soy sauce flavor I don’t like.
    I’m not a fan of Mei Li Wah, more for you guys I guess.

  • Mamacita – is that related to the Stinking Rose in San Francisco? I really want to try garlic ice cream, even though everyone says I’m insane.

  • Yeah same place. The bagna cuda and the pesto-like garlic oil they put on the table is to die for!

  • @YVO – there’s a garlic festival at Garden of Eve organic farm in Lawn Guyland next weekend, they had ice cream last year.

    They’re also a CSA farm with convenient drop-offs throughout the metro area (although I belong to a different one so can’t vouch for it):

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