XPL Seeing a Post Palooza Bump?

The Line at XPL, 48th and Park

I don’t remember seeing lines like this at the XPL truck (on Park Ave. & 48th St.) before they surprisingly took 2nd place at Street Meat Palooza. It just goes to show, all carts are not created equal. (You may say the secret ingredient is the rice.)

Thanks to Blondie and Brownie for passing along the photo.


  • Don’t give away my new pick-up spot! Added bonus: they all seem to be from Chase (XPL is located in the heart of the Chase trifecta) aka the only bank that’s not going belly up.

  • There’s been lines in the past. BTW, their price jumped up a $1 – hope that’s not a result of the palooza.

  • There rice really is REALLY good… mmm

  • There is another XPL truck at 43rd/2nd.

  • just had XPL for the first time today…LOOOVE the rice. juicy chicken but the sauce didnt wow me. Still a sucker for Halal Guys on 53/6th….

  • What makes the rice really good?

  • its jasmine rice with some sort of maaahvelous indian spice

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    fyi…there is XPL also in Financial District- its on Greenwich St across the big postal building (and 1 block from Chase in Park Pl!). looks just almost like the photo above, as its also under scaffolds. rice is perfectly spiced- even with a little red sauce, the rice still stood out..soo good. combo meat platter tender and juicy, i will go back again

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    well i dont think the price went up because the street palooza. its because the prices for the stuff they buy went up and plus they pay their workers..i guess thats why and even if its 6$ its still worth it.oo and yea guys i jus found out that the orignal XPL carts are only located on park and 48, 52 n 3rd ave and 44 n 2nd ave…the one on 48 and 3rd its been sold.

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