Biriyani Cart & Moshe’s Falafel Get New Looks on 46th

Briyani Cart on 46th Gets New Cart 

The Biriyani Cart on 46th btw. 6+7th., which rose to prominence when they added roti rolls in the wake of Kati Roll’s move to 39th Street, unveiled their new cart on Monday.  The menu and prices are much clearer now, with useful descriptions of all their kati rolls.  This is definitely one of my favorite carts in Midtown, and it just seems to be getting better, with the addition of a few new menu items. Their chapli kebab has been offered for a little while now (it can be ordered as a plate or in a kati roll) but today is the debut of the new PWCD Kati Roll which is described on their new flyers as being “egg layered chapati bread with farm fresh scrambled egg and potato.”  Farm fresh?  On a cart?  Get out of town.  I will definitely be trying this soon.  Sadly though 2 kati rolls is now $6 whether you order chicken or lamb.  (Not sure when this price hike occured, but at some point it was 2 for $5 if you ordered chicken- so it is a price hike.)

Briyani Cart on 46th Gets New Cart

The old cart is not going away though.  The owner plans on opening a second location with the old cart on Monday.  He is shooting for 43rd & 6th, but I’m a little skeptical that the Trini-Paki Cart will allow that to happen. I’ll keep an eye on the situation for you.

This wasn’t the only unveiling this week on 46th St.  Moshe’s famous falafel cart got a new look as well…
Moshe's Falafel Cart Gets New Signage

And not just a new cart, but a crazy new truck as well to tow the cart.  It’s a marketing machine!

Moshe's Falafel Cart Gets New Signage

Unlike the Briyani Cart though, nothing has changed about Moshe’s falafel cart.  “Will you put french fries as a topping in the falafel.” 


*Sigh*  Still no.  Can’t they learn a little something from Olympic Pita!?!?


  • Yeah, the prices are clearer now–much more clearly higher, as you noted. I walked by the cart yesterday, and the line (OK, ‘gathering’) was too long for me. The price hike to $6 didn’t convince me otherwise. Weren’t these rolls 2 for $4 when first reviewed here? I guess the new trend is for any busy cart to raise their prices until the lines start to thin out.

  • They gonna have two carts within a 2 minute walk from each other? How about some upper or lower midtown love?!

  • Tonight is a 3 finger grey goose night.

  • Just went there about an hour ago. Any 2 rolls for 6 bucks, pretty good but nowhere near as good as Kati Roll. And at only $2 less than Kati Roll I would be more inclined to go to Kati Roll. Now if it were 2 for $5, then we’d be talking…

  • Hey for $ 6 this the best food i ever had

  • Tried the new kati roll yesterday and it was pretty tasty! The egg was well fried, and the potatoes were nice and soft. I think the quality has gone up a bit over the past few months, probably in preparation for expansion. I’m happy to pay $6 for high quality cart food!

  • is there a picture where you can actually read the kati roll sign? I’d be interested in seeing their descriptions. i’m a long time patron but half the time i wouldn’t be able to tell you what i’m eating

  • I did not find the moshe’s falafel cart today .. Did they move somewhere else?

  • no moshe’s!! where has it gone?

  • I was on 46th yesterday at 12:30P and Moshe’s was there, but on the south side of the street instead of the north. Also, Kim’s Aunt’s Kitchen was missing entirely, but I don’t think anyone likes that place as much as me.

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    Moshe’s has to be the best falafel i have ever eaten in my life and I KNOW FALAFEL!! I’m from the middle east!

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