This just in from a reader: “Not sure how much longer it’s going to last, but there’s a Mr. Softee truck parked on 53rd between 5th and Madison giving out free ice cream. Apparently sponsored by Maxwell Medical (not sure how ice cream and health go together, but that’s the sign hanging on the truck). I went down at 2:00 and it was there.”

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  • Thanks ML, got there at 2:30 15 people on line, got a choc dipped vanilla cone at the young later said they would be doing it for 15 more minutes. So if you’re not on your way you’re SOL. 10 people on line when I left.

    Maxwell specializes in sports medicine, chiropractic and phys therapy…. and you get a coupon for a free 1/2 hour massage (why doesn’t Rick’s offer this?)

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