Midtown Links (The Wabi Sabi Edition)


  • To answer point 3 Zach, it’s because the moron mods that run Chowhound obliterate any attempt to inform their brain-dead populace that Midtown Lunch exists. I have posted links to ML there several times, only to see them evaporate moments later. There’s a reason that no one worthy posts there anymore and they keep getting airhead questions like the one you mentioned: The answer is Chowhound sucks donkey dick. And ML Rules!

  • First delivery lunch from Chai was a success. Pad Thai was delivered warm, not overly sweet, adequate number of shrimp. Mixed veggies with coconut milk and green curry (crispy tofu, $2 extra) also tasty. Thai iced tea was a treat.
    Delivery time to Carnegie Hall vicinity, 20 minutes. Food condition: warm+.
    Packaging intact, delivery man courteous.

  • wow, I just linked your blog on chowhound today because it is fucking impossible to find the answer to a midtown lunch question on that site. I wonder how long it will take for my post to be deleted….
    Most bloggers like it when people link to other sites on their blogs. But oh well. Chowhound these days seems to like only to talk about a handful of restaurants, all of which you could read about in NY mag, or in Zagats. The resource is less chowish and useful than it used to be.

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