Sucks to be me… or does it? Next week I have jury duty at the courthouse on Centre St. & Lafayette. Positives: It’s close to Chinatown.  Negatives: I have freakin’ jury duty.  Has anybody had to do this before?  Do you get a lunch break?  What’s the deal, and where should I go?  Maybe I’ll look through Daniel’s “Downtown Lunch” posts…


  • I had jury duty 2 years ago – I refer to it as my “jury vacation”. I was picked for a 5 day trial – most days we didn’t have to show until 10, had a 90+ minute lunch hour and were done by 5. I had awesome lunches – chinatown, little italy. I read 3 books and practiced vocab for the GRE in my down time (of which there was a lot…)

  • Zach, I’m doing my civic duty in Queens this week as well. One hour lunch, 1-2pm. Although tomorrow I am actually in the jury box, and when you get picked they keep you in a little room and feed you..shudder

    And remember, if you don’t think they did crime they were charged with, they definitely did something else, so always vote guilty

  • @wayne

    Yeah they always did something…even in the off chance that they didn’t…

  • Only did Jury service once.

    I was out-voted 11/1 for the death sentence.

    It was considerred rather severe for Jaywalking.

  • For Thai duck (or beef) noodle soup, go to Saha Thai at Centre and Grand. I haven’t actively been searching for the best one around, but IMO it’s pretty close to the real thing.

  • stop listening to anyone else…listen to your stomach…your stomach says one word….


  • someone else already mentioned Green Bo, but you should definitely check it out. stellar soup dumplings, scallion pancakes, and tomato with beef dish.

  • Jury duty is the worst. Both times that I’ve been picked it’s been for criminal cases in Rochester; once for attempted murder and the other for involuntary manslaughter.
    Each trial was awful—ridiculously long and nerve-wracking.
    I wish you luck and hope you get a civil case…or a dismissal.

  • nha trang on centre street – get your pho (tasty noodle soup), spring rolls and iced coffee on just around the corner from jury durty.

  • I highly recommend the Shanghai Garden Restaurant, 14A Elizabeth Street directly opposite the police precinct. Phenomenal soup buns and dumplings, dirt cheap, only 10 tables. Twice as good as Joes at half the price and a quarter of the hassle. Dont go into the bathroom if you are a clean freak.

  • Did anyone say New Pasteur yet? I’m a New Pasteur kind of person, myself.

  • One of my CT spots ive been taking the subway to for lunch lately is Wah Mai
    (Hester bet Baxter and Mulberry)

    Chicken Leg & Thigh over rice with that amazing greasy brown sauce.

    That or if you can get there early, Grand btw Mott and Elizabeth, the Good Dumpling Shop has amazing Steamed pork buns (Choi yuk bao) that usually sell out by 9:00 (medium sized ones)

    Love CT and miss working downtown. Sometimes I think I should have been born asian.


  • Excellent Dumpling House on Lafayette is close. A little farther afield, you can’t go wrong at New York Noodletown for noodles and Cantonese roast meats (Bayard and Bowery) or Jing Fong for dim sum (Elizabeth between Bayard and Canal).

  • Not only do you get a lunch, it is a full 60 minute lunch. Sometimes longer depending on the judge’s schedule.

    And you get paid. Full-time, salaried workers collect their regular paycheck while serving jury duty in NYS. I think hourly or freelancers are paid $100 per day during service.

    Jury duty RULES!

  • Love jury duty for the most part. Be glad that you are doing it now while the weather is still nice & you can be out & about for your (probably) 2 hr lunch. I’ve been unemployed for quite a while now and would love to be called for jury duty now! I have done grand jury as well … not as much fun (1/2 a day every day for 4 weeks, going back to office job for that other 1/2 of the day).

  • Doyers Vietnamese on Doyers St btwn Pell & Bowery is an excellent jury duty lunch option. And you get a little walk in too. I had jury duty a few years ago and went every day for lunch. Yum!!

  • You should read the downtown lunch column on midtown lunch ;)

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