Sucks to be me… or does it? Next week I have jury duty at the courthouse on Centre St. & Lafayette. Positives: It’s close to Chinatown.  Negatives: I have freakin’ jury duty.  Has anybody had to do this before?  Do you get a lunch break?  What’s the deal, and where should I go?  Maybe I’ll look through Daniel’s “Downtown Lunch” posts…


  • CARL’S!!!

  • I had State jury duty on LI and they gave us a lunch break.

  • get your Bahn Mi fix.

    right up a block or two on lafayette on the east side of the street is a video store/bahn mi place. pretty good.

    i had jury duty last fall. got picked for a trial that was a week and half. not too bad, better than real work.

  • You’ll be close to the teeny street with a mess of really good, really cheap vegetarian places, like Vegetarian Dim Sum House on 24 Pell St. When I did it a couple of years ago, they would let us out for the day sometime around noon because nothing was going on.

    If you’re in state court you can get wifi for about $10 a day, so bring your laptop and camera because you have no reason not to tell us about your lunch!

  • Unless you have grand jury (I did, for a month, from 2-5pm every day, ugh) – you’ll get a break between like 12-2pm for lunch. It’s great – show up at 9am, sit and listen for a few hours, leave for lunch, sit from 2-5pm, go home (or back to work)… you’re not far from Bubby’s down there, either.

  • When I did it I got on hour lunch per day for 3 days of jury duty. Its not bad just boring bring a book or laptop

  • It’s not too long of a walk to Banh Mi So #1 at 369 Broome St. Had jury duty a few months ago, and had plenty of time to walk up, grab a sandwich, and eat it in the park down the street from the courthouse on Centre. Good stuff. Get the #1 sandwich (the special).

  • You usually get a 2 hour break so you’ll have plenty of time to try everything…Make sure you go to Green Bo on Bayard between Elizabeth and Mott (across from icecream factory).

  • I had jury duty in march down on Centre St. As that was my old law school stomping grounds, I was saddened to find all my old local places gone. Luckily, I was able to hit Sam’s falafal in the park across from Ground Zero. Still the best falafal in Manhattan! I went there both days, in the freezing cold, and enjoyed my lunch outdoors! Since you are a falafal afficionado Zach, I implore you to try out Sam’s. Daniel Krieger wrote about it and his review was spot on!

  • Last time I had jury duty I took advantage of a much less crowded Joe’s Shanghai to get my soup dumpling fix…. really the only good part of jury duty!

  • Jury duty is the best! It’s like a mini-vacation. I had it last year in Brooklyn, it was great. I never got called to do anything, I had a whole day to myself, ahhh.
    Why isn’t Green Bo ‘New’ Green Bo anymore? Did they get a newer one? And the ice cream at the ice cream factory is so GOOD! I’m jealous of your jury duty.

  • Jaya on Baxter street between Bayard and Walker for Curry noodle woup. YUM!

  • I have had considerable dealings with the court system and can tell you from my own personal experience that well-fed jurors are indispensible to our American system of jurisprudence.

  • Yes, dumplings, Bahn Mi, and scallion pancakes!
    Nom nom nom!

  • Forgive me for not adequately explaining myself.

    Please read “I Don’t Own The Dog” here: http://www.newsgroper.com/gordon-ramsay/2007/12/21/a-recipe-inspired-by-paula-deen?page=1

  • That is an AWESOME location! oh man, that’s so good!! Go to Excellent Pork chop House. Dollar dumpling places. And get some soup dumplings! oh man, I’m jealous…

  • bon bon chicken on chambers for your jury duty korean fried chicken fix

  • You’re in such a great spot. Of course you get a lunch break. Now you get the chance to eat cheap lunch as long as your jury duty lasts.

    Which, hopefully, won’t be that long.

  • i have jury duty next week at that location too! maybe i’ll see you zach. thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

  • Chinatown lunch for sure! My own jury duty there last year, and subsequent multiple Chinatown lunches, set me off on a roast duck rampage (after years of not eating it) that hasn’t really ended yet.

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