Free Yogurt Alert

It pains me to even type this because so much of it goes against my principles- but that all gets trumped by Principle #1: Always Take Free Food. Rachel’s Yogurt will be driving around Midtown today from 8am-2pm handing out free yogurts in flavors like “Pink Grapefruit Lychee, Peach Green Tea and Marionberry Guava.” Not sure exactly where they’ll be before 11 a.m., but if you work at the Time Inc. building it will be there from 11-11:45, Conde Nast from 12-1 and the Hearst bldg. from 1:15-2pm.


  • Yesterday there was a truck giving out free drinks. It was stopped on 48th in front of 1 Rock at 1PM when I went out to lunch. When I came back at 1:20, it was gone.

    The drinks were sweetened and carbonated juice mixed with water. Think Orangina, but more flavors. On the plus side, they were 20oz and very cold.

  • too bad the weather is horrible today

  • no sign of yogurt distribution at either time-life building @ 11:35 or condé nast building 12-12:10. rained out?

    @tom: mash has been distributing before, earlier in the summer they were by penn sta. i always thought orangina’s distinguishing feature was the bits of pulp. mash is partially sweetened with sucralose, so i’m thinking more like coke’s c2, with fruit flavors.

  • So I didn’t pay attention exactly where it was, but a girl had a tray of yogurts on 7th around 46th. I grabbed a vanilla chai one, and it’s delicious!

  • additional update – nada at hearst @ 1:40 or 2.

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