Snapshots: Roast Duck, Indian, Korean & Dessert

A lot of good looking snapshots have been posted to the ML Flickr Photo Pool lately. Feel free to use them for a little lunchtime inspiration today…

roast duck from ying du
Roast Duck from Ying Du (on 38th btw. 7+8th.) Photo by bionicgrrrl

From the Indian Cart on 53rd and Park
Indian food from the cart on 53rd & Park. Photo by 52 Projects

My Galbi lunch
Galbi Box from the Korean Bulgogi Cart (on 49th btw. 6+7th.) Photo by The Flooz

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mousse from the Dessert Truck (on Park btw. 52+53rd.) Photo by Food in Mouth

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  • Looks like the duck shit all over the rice

  • Yeah, that Indian doesn’t look so appetizing to me.

  • the duck and galbi look good though… mmm… hungry again…

  • Second pic looks like duck Ebola.

  • That indian “food” looks like what my housecat Mr Wiggles gave back to me after consuming a generous portion of Foie de Volaille I had set out for a special cocktail party at my small horsefarm in Arkansas.

  • Well, you’re right about one part CockChug, there’s plenty of horse shit where you are.

  • Cocky’s special cocktail party was to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award from NAMBLA

  • You know the Police/FBI can never catch a rapist in Arkansas?

    All the men have the same DNA and no dental records.

  • 38th st between 7th and 8th not 39th!!! I walked up and down the block twice before trying 38th and getting the Roast Duck, which was delicious by the way.

  • CockChug walks into a bar in Arkansas and says
    “I’d like you to meet my wife & my sister”

    And there’s only one woman with him

  • As a trained psychologist I am quite certain the the malevolent venom you are spewing is spawned by your deep-seated jealousy of my fabulous wealth and success. And possibly even my wife’s ample bosom.

    Right now, as I type this, my wife and I are in South Dakota, where we have just finished a closing on a 70 room Best Western Motel to add to our substantial real estate portfolio. I hope that hearing this does not put you over the edge (as we say in my business). If so, acquiesce, as I sincerely doubt that professional help would do you people any good.

  • @Anon – Shit… sorry!

  • Motel in the tourist magnet that is the Dakotas.

    Hilton Family must be shitting themselves.

  • CockChug’s wife walks into a bar in South Dakota with a pig under her arm

    Bartender asks “Where’d you get the cow?”

    CockChug’s wife says “Are you blind? He’s not a cow, he’s a pig!”

    Bartender says “I was talking to the pig”

  • Will be hitting up the Bulgogi cart next week. That looks crazy delicious. That veggie Indian food looks like it was made with highly seasoned flood water..

  • Have a lovely weekend everyone.

    Except, you know…. and his thai wife, Tingtong.

  • YO Rudy! his wife ain’t Tingtong Thai… keep your racial ignorance in your pants…

  • Old DocChuck still trying to impress internets strangers. What a sad dude. Doc lives in a rented townhouse, drives an economy car and couldn’t afford a picture of a hotel in SD.

  • DocChuKKK your wife really does have a ample bossom. That tens to thappen when you are a old fat whitelady. Look for yourself MidtownLunch’rs:

  • Yo shit4brains… was reference to a past..chucky comment….aww fuckit.

    nebba mind.

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