Will A Celeb Please Bring In N Out to NY?

If Kanye West can bring Fatburger to Chicago, can’t we get some good fast food in Midtown? We’ve got a lot of rich celebs in this city. One of them must be a fan of In N Out Burger. I will also settle for Baja Fresh or Panda Express. Come on you rich bastards. Somebody pony up.


  • Panda Express SUCKS

  • @manga- Tim Horton’s!!! Good call. Their coffee is like liquid crack…

  • There is indeed a Baja Fresh in the Lake Success Shopping Center just past the Queens border. I’ve been there and I have to say I was not impressed (sorry Zach, heresy I know, please don’t delete my comment).

    Now, Sonic is another story…although I’ve never been there the commercials are intriguing (why they show their commercials here all the time when there isn’t a Sonic anywhere has always been a mystery to me).

  • Sonic rocks my world!!! The burgers are to die for. The closest one to NYC is near Reading, PA.

  • I’d be happy with a Sonic (commercials intrigue me too), Jack in the Box, IHoP, or even a clean full-service Taco Bell. Closest thing to INOBurger here is probably Blue 9 (medieval style), but I’ll take Shake Shack any day instead–around he corner, and I never have a long wait. Thank god we at least have Popeyes!

  • I ate at Sonic on a road trip I took down to Atlanta last month. The food is dismal, had their “angus bacon burger” it was bad. However, pepper jack cheese melted on my tater tots? country gravy with my chicken fingers? A GIRL WHO ROLLERBLADED TO MY CAR WITH MY FOOD AND CHANGE LIKE SOMETHING OUT OF HAPPY DAYS?!?!?! Priceless. yum.

    Sonic’s food isn’t that great and I went to Sonic the first of my 3 times down there blasted off my ass on some purpleish fire and even that wasn’t enough for me to overlook the burger.

    Bojangles in Queens? REALLY???? They had probably the best spicy chicken sandwich biscuit I ever had. The biscuit is better than anything that popeyes or kfc puts out same for their chicken. AND THEY HAVE Cinnamon Cream Raspberry biscuits too or something like that.

    As far as Baja in Queens/LI goes, in Lake Success, which is a mile away from L.I.J. Hospital or so, maybe exit 33 of the GCP/NSP? I hit it atleast once a month I’d say as it’s better quality than anything McBurrito puts out, and dinner for 2 usually runs just over 20 there which ain’t bad nowadays.

  • I love Baja Fresh–it’s so much better than Chipotle (IMO)! Every time I give Chipotle another chance, it just makes me miss Baja Fresh even more (Mahi Mahi tacos…mmmm).

  • Oh, and one more (a bit more obscure): Skyline Chili

  • How about a Hardee’s, just for the biscuits and gravy?

  • I’ll take Baja Fresh… I guess (been to the couple in LI a few times, like the salsa bar!). Sonic’s commercials upset me because there are none here… or Dairy Queen? WTF people! And ooh, Denny’s… those good old college days of late nights and … yeah… f* In & Out though.
    Idiocracy was a funny movie… sad to say that’s where we appear to be heading =P

  • FWIW – there is a Bojangles a short walk from the Path Newark station behind the Pru Center.

  • omg I LOVE Poquito Mas! I can put away a burrito from most places, but Poquito Mas burritos take some work. MMMMMMmmmmmmmmm.

  • Sorry about that Blondie. I got a bit confused…its actually a Fat Burger location in Jersey City.


  • There’s a Fat Burger out in Massapequa on Sunrise Highway. Only issue for me is that if I am out there, why bother with Fat Burger when All American is a 2 minute drive away?

  • Ok, I’ll definitely vote for an INO, but I also want Skyline Chili and a Maid Rite! And Isley’s…let’s revive Isley’s. ( I _am_ a native New Yorker, FYI…I just went to school out there yonder…)

  • The place in Jersey City is a Fatburger, not an In’N'Out

  • totally agree w/ baja and dairy queen. but what’s good with rally’s (checkers) for seasoned fries and shakes… or potbelly!? mmmm… a wreck would make my day.

  • i would LOVE a chick fil a in NYC. the NYU cafeteria doesn’t cut it.

  • Oh All-American…I never made it to the beach this summer and that’s my apres-beach lunch spot. Yes, we should try to get All-American to get here. It has a big enough Long Island following….

  • unfortunately In-N-Out is privately owned, not franchised

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