Will A Celeb Please Bring In N Out to NY?

If Kanye West can bring Fatburger to Chicago, can’t we get some good fast food in Midtown? We’ve got a lot of rich celebs in this city. One of them must be a fan of In N Out Burger. I will also settle for Baja Fresh or Panda Express. Come on you rich bastards. Somebody pony up.


  • You can add Del Taco, Jack-N-the-Box, and Carl’s Jr. to my list. Which basically tells you that I’ve never met a fast food joint that I didn’t like (excluding Roy Rogers).

  • Chick-fil-A should be the first on the list. Come on David Carradine..make that happen.

  • Food Court. Panda. Baja. Chickfila. Hagan Daaz. Bojangles. INOBurger. Midtown.
    Make it work rich people!

  • Anyone see Idiocracy where they all say, “Brought to you by Carl’s Jr.”

    hysterical movie

  • There is a Baja Fresh in NJ that I’ve gone to a bunch, and a Bojangles in Queens that has satisfied my chicken/biscuit needs only once.

    Anyone want to start a Bojangles in Midtown? I’ve got like $10 but a huge love for chicken.

  • Hear hear!! The classified ad should read “Seeking Bicoastal Celeb with $$ to spare for In N Out Burger East Coast Expansion”

  • Sadly, In-N-Out is family-owned and to date has not approved any of requests to franchise out the business.

  • Say the word and I’ll FedEx to you a Double-Double animal style with fries animal style. I, fortunately, have an In-N-Out walking distance from my house in Los Angeles.

    As for Baja Fresh, eh, forget about them. The Mexican fast food you want out there is Poquito Mas.

  • I’d never heard of Poquito Mas before, but just checked out their website (http://www.poquitomas.com/menu.php), and I’m intrigued. Do they griddle their burritos before serving?

    Can someone please arrange for a combo Poquito Mas and Orange Julius to open up around Bryant Park? Preferably in the existing Chipotle location on 42nd?

  • @éclair: I think they do griddle their burritos, but don’t quote me. I forgot to mention, they make their taco tortillas fresh all day long. You can usually see the lady behind the glass pressing those dough balls into white discs of love.

  • I know its not midtown but there is a Baja Fresh next to the border of Queens/LI on the Nassau side. I think the neighborhood is around Lake Success? Better than having to go to the West Coast.

    I’d love for an In n Out to open in NYC, I’d promise to give up any of the newish burger chains in the area for it.

    Panda Express is a weird request! Doesn’t all mall food court Chinese food taste the same?

  • Just remember, if and when they do open an In-N-Out in Midtown, you have to order both your burger and fries “animal style”. It’s not on the menu, but the people at the counter will know exactly what you’re talking about.

  • What about SONIC !!

  • Daniel:

    “GO AWAY! ‘BATIN!”

  • In’n'out would be ridiculously huge in Manhattan. If 5 Guys had a 2 hr wait on its first day, I don’t want to even think about the line that would be at In’n'out.

  • Krystal and Bob Evans would be my first choices…. A little biscuit and sausage gravy action on a hungover Sunday morning… Priceless

  • Sonic and Grandy’s for me. Chicken Fried Steak with gravy, biscuit, corn, fried okra, fast food style!

  • There is an In and Out Burger…a path ride away in Jersey City(the Newport Section). Worth a trip if your into that.

  • Oh, and Tim Horton’s too….

  • Um, abrain, i don’t think that’s a real In-N-Out burger seeing as it’s not on the website and the rest of them are in CA, NV, AZ, and UT. Baja’s not coming anytime soon either, they’ve looked into it already. That knocks out those two, so my vote is Chick-Fil-A. They’ve already tested the NY waters with the one in NYU.

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