Could Milant Be Facing More Trouble from the DOH?

Newly Re-Opened Milant

This was posted in the comments on Friday about Milant, the sandwich shop that has been plagued by quality questions since they spent much of the past few months closed:

Before the “renovations,” I had been going to Milant at least once a week. No longer. On Wednesday, 8/27, I returned to Milant and ordered a sandwich and soup. Also purchased two “buttercrunch” candies to bring home for my wife. She wound up saving her candy to eat on Thursday. Last night, she opened the cello to discover the candy teeming with bugs. Definitely not from our home. Utterly disgusting. A complaint has been lodged with health dept.

Ouch. I had lunch there last week and thought my sandwich was good, but have always been skeptical about that candy in the window. We’ll see how effective Health Department Complaints actually are.  If you noticed Milant closed this week, email me at


  • Wow, I asked about those candies last week or two weeks ago myself cause I was tempted. Shouldve taken a picture…

  • I would never, ever, ever try that stuff. I tried one of the cookies on the counter once, while good it tasted like the saran wrap it was wrapped in which leads me to believe it was in that for a long, long time.

  • Zach, some Milant-induced dysentery is EXACTLY what you need to ummm.. “cleanse” your bowels of Tad’s….and Hing Won…and Chicken House…

  • What would possess someone to even TRY something from the window displays? Just…ugh. I mean, I’ve walked past it every day for two years and not a single item has has changed position. Actually, according to the commenter, the only thing that moves around in there has multiple legs.

  • That’s utterly disgusting. I hope they burn in h*ll, I mean sh*t I’m so tired of yet another place in NYC trying to take advantage of the consumer, first with outrageous prices and now with vermin. This is unacceptable!!!!!

  • I think everyone who frequents milant knows never to buy the dry goods. Even my chips were expired. Just the delicious sandwich please.

  • I’m amazed at how forgiving many people are of this place!

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    Hello everyone, Millant is comming back with a new look in January 2010.

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