2nd Lazzara’s Pizza Location is Less Than 2 Weeks Away


The second location of Lazzara’s pizza is starting to come together nicely, and they are hoping to open the second week of September (maybe the 12th, 13th or 14th.) While the new location is slightly out of bounds (9th Ave. btw. 43+44th), it will hopefully ease the burden on the original Midtown Lunch location (on 38th btw. 7+8th.)

The new location will be take out only. Check out a photo of the inside (if that is your thing) after the jump…  



  • That photo does not, in fact, excite me.

  • I dunno Mamacita – I thought you liked wood?

    Ah…missing is the sweaty union guy hunched over sporting more crack than a Harlem street corner!

    Go back to the Arby’s post for instant titillation

  • Hot fashion hoochieless location will equal epic fail…

  • Crap. Why would they open another west side location even more west than the original? As I was reading this post, I was praying it was going to be on the east side somewhere.

  • Me and my coworker just went there (the new location, not the old\existing one) today and the pizza was awful. My coworker agrees with me. How anyone can say that’s good, I just don’t know.

  • Unless Ms. Hellerman is a termite who enjoys plywood pizza, I’m not sure what she could possibly have eaten at the allegedly “new location.” Any guesses?

  • Shit, we got another loony on the site, with no disrespect to wayne of course.

  • Oh CockChug, oh CockChug, wherefore art thou?

    Your not being here is making me look bad…click your nuthouse bunny slippers together and say ”there’s no place like Midtown Lunch”…

  • The place is very unclean, with sawdust and boards everywhere. We tried to order, but no one came to the counter – lousy service. They didn’t even have any menus out. However, there was a cooler behind the counter with a couple of slices of pizza wrapped in aluminum foil, along with a couple of pudding cups and an apple. The pizza tasted like it was leftover from the night before, and it wasn’t hot at all. Terrible. The pudding cups weren’t bad, but the apple was sour and mushy. Even the Treats Truck, as bad as it is, is better than that! When we walked by later, there was a guy in a hard hat out front talking to a couple of cops, and he looked really angry, so I think this place is crime-ridden as well.

  • what a dumb fake account.

  • My coworker tells me he was able to overhear what the guy in the hard hat was so upset about – someone stole his lunch! I guess no one is having any luck with lunch in that crappy place.

  • Dear Ms Hellerman,

    It’s gone the way of Barbaro, let it go.

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