At Lunch Now: Taco Pandemonium

It’s pandemonium at Toloache with early arrivers getting to place to go orders… but by 12:30 the line was about 15 deep with nobody providing any information at all. They stopped taking any take out orders at 12:30, but they were seating people at tables (if one is available and you’ve waited in line long enough to get to the front and actually talk to someone.) The promotion is supposed to last until 11pm but clearly they underestimated demand.

At 12:45 I saw the guy take a to go order from somebody, but he told them it would be 30 mins. If you got turned away consider yourselves lucky. I talked to one person who placed a take out order at the door at 11:30 and just got their tacos at 12:40.

12:50 There is no more line, and the guy takes my to go order, tells me I can order more than 7 if I want, and told me it would 10 mins, maybe less. Somehow I doubt it.

12:52 The line is out the door again, and lord knows what the guy is telling people now.

Try later, and you may get lucky, but clearly this promotion is a poorly planned free for all.

UPDATE: Got my tacos in less than 10 mins. What a delightful surprise… full report coming soon.


  • Left around 1:05 after ordering five tacos and a beer at the bar. Service was excellent and fairly quick and the tacos are muy tasty. There were empty seats at the bar when I left, but the line outside was about 20 people deep.

  • Was there around the same time 12:30 or so. When I first got there, I was one of 8 people on line and the guy told me it will be a 45min wait for takeout, so I opted to eat at the counter. Tacos were good (esp the beef one) on the small side, but you cant get too picky with $1 tacos. When I left, the line was almost around the corner. ….

  • We got there at 12:15, were seated by 12:30 and were out of there by 1:15. Really not that bad, especially for $1 tacos! The tacos are really small though – get 7!

  • I also recommend you eat there because I took mine to-go and it gets mushy. All three are really tasty. I would go for 7 for sure and do 2 – 2 – 3.

  • I don’t understand how you can have a promotion in the New York Times and not expect a HUGE turnout…

    I got there at 1:05 and was told at 1:20 that there would be an hour wait.

    I also can’t understand why they think its okay to charge more at lunch for tacos’ than at dinner simply because they add rice and beans? 12 dollars?! for TACOS?! That better be the best damn taco I’ve ever eaten.

    Go to Patty’s Taco’s on 86th and Lex!

  • AH!!! I was supposed to meet Brownie there, got there at 1:15 to a line and no one knew how long the wait was etc., so I aborted mission. She’s gone back to report that there was almost no line, tacos galore, and they confirmed it’s still happening until 11. You will find me there at 5:05pm.

  • I’ll see you there Blondie, I’m heading over straight after work. Then i can grab a margarita too.

  • Went there today at 230 ish and was told that there was no more tacos. Um…..yeah….

  • seriously? wtf is up with that!

    Can anyone else confirm?

  • What? Wait, I can still get tacos after work? Or is Hungry spot on? I am confused…

    PS All of you ML’ers walking past each other and no one says HI?

  • Mamacita will taze the poor sod that gets in her way!

  • I just called and made a reservation, they said they were still doing the special. I guess I’ll find out when i get there.

  • Sounds like there will be all-you-can-eat pink taco at Toloache tonight

    Now THATS a special – what a night to be out of town

    Can I get a rain check, Mamacita?

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