WTF? Obika Mozza Bar Has Made No Progress


In October of last year it was reported that Obika would be opening one of their Italian mozzarella bars in the atrium on 56th Street and Madison Ave.  Plywood went up, and everyone in the upper right hand corner of Midtown has been waiting for the arrival of what could be a pretty cool place in an otherwise desolate part of Midtown east.  On Monday I stopped by to see if any progress had been made, sticking my camera through one of the holes at the bottom of the plywood.  My strange discovery, after the jump… 


They haven’t done shit.  It’s been over 9 months since that wooden thing went up… what the hell have they been doing? I want my buffalo mozzarella people!  Here’s a photo of what it will supposedly look like when it’s done.  That doesn’t look too tough… what’s the freakin’ hold up? 


  • IT’s Gay-Supermans midtown lair,not so much the Batcave……….more of a Mancave.

  • according to the security guys in 590 madison, its a liquor license issue thays holding it up…

  • I don’t believe the security guys’ explanation.

    For one, not having a liquor license shouldn’t prevent them from constructing food prep areas, at the very least.

    For two — it’s a MOZZARELLA bar. In the atrium of an OFFICE BUILDING. Nobody is going to cry if this location is unable to sell Peroni and Chardonnay to accompany the antipasti.

  • Thank you for the heads up. I was thinking of visiting the mozzarella bar, but it’s not there.
    Any further developments?
    I’d appreciate more on this cheese story.

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