More Dueling Bentos

From the Inbox on Friday: “I was walking on 50th St. btw. 6+7th today at 12pm and I know you’ve written about the guy who sells bento boxes out of a plastic tub, but today there were TWO side-by-side bento box sales going on. One was the guy with the plastic tubs, the other was this Asian couple with a big plastic bag with stacked bento boxes inside. I’ve never seen them before… all I spotted in their bento boxes was purple rice. Random right? I was in a hurry so I didn’t stop, but you should check it out on Monday to see if there’s some sort of bento rivalry brewing.” That sounds interesting…


  • Oh sorry that was me, trying to get the bento business started.
    JK… purple rice sounds like Korean rice mixed w/red beans, no?

  • Take some pics for us next time

  • sorry, C. didn’t leave the office that day in Midtown-Lunch reporting mode. i’ll see if they’re out there today.

    on a slightly more disturbing note, last night I dreamed about an asian man selling bento boxes out of a plastic tub on wheels. like, as scenes changed repeatedly in my dream, the bento man was always in the background, wheeling slowly past. like the grim reaper. wtf. haha.

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