Treats Truck Unveils 2 New Cookies Named by You

Photos by Blondie and Brownie

The Treats Truck July contest to name a new cookie has come to an end, and the winner is: The Nutty Co-worker (left), an oatmeal cookie with nuts.  Future versions may even contain toffee (don’t get too excited.) Congrats are also in order to Blondie and Brownie. Their cookie, “The Peanut Butter Jamwich” was the runner up (on the right).  Two peanut butter cookies with peanut butter and jelly sandwiched in the middle. Both cookies are now on sale at the truck, which will be at 38th and 5th Ave. today from 1 to 3:30pm.  Both winners got gift certificates, and the grand prize winner got a t-shirt. (Update: The Jamwich may be the only one of the two available at the truck today.)


  • I have to say was very disappointed with the treats truck the other day. It was my first tiem trying ti and I expected alot more.

  • Actually congrats are in order to Brownie, I had nothing to do with this.

  • The oatmeal cookie….it… has nuts?

    You know, as a sit here in the warm, snug, and somewhat smelly confines where DocChuck keeps me, I can’t help but think…..not everyone LIKES nuts.

    If you’re one of those folks, and you’ve bought one of these cookies, I will be happy to bite your nuts off

  • I still think my cinnamon based “Kim’s Sins” has potential, if not on the truck at least in my fantasies. I think it has something to do with the babushka, either that or that tiny little thing shifting the gears on that enormous truck crusing through traffic yelling “yee haw I’ve got your sugar for ya’”.

  • i bought a gift box from the truck for a celebration and it was a huge hit. had a few of everything. oatmeal jammy still tops my list.

  • I didn’t understand the Treats Truck contest– you were supposed to invent a cookie and name it? The contest email was phrased so weird… now I feel like I missed out. I have a cookie dream…

  • …….it’s girlie food, but just for Sarah..

    How about a fudge and rum and choccy chip cookie topped with sticky toffee icing and dorset clotted cream :)

  • Mum… treats truck should sell rum balls……

  • Wayne, keep your dirty thoughts to yourself!

  • Mamacita, thoughts of whether Captain Morgans Spiced would sting never even entered my mind

  • The Treats Truck sucks. The peanut butter cookies were dry as hell and the chocolate chips tasted exactly like frozen roll cookies. How original! And at 2 bucks each completely overpriced. If they were 50 cents maybe they’d be acceptable. Yet another example of the lemming society that has taken over NY where everyone follows along instead of forming their own opinion.

  • my mouth is seriously drooling from these photos, that jamwitch looks sooooo good, crap I think there is a puddle forming.

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