Midtown Links (Jamaican Independence Edition)


  • Zach, just wanted to say thank you for not linking to gay superman for 6 whole weeks of fridays

    You get a rainbow star and a celebratory ass-pat from all us superman haters for that

  • man, I could go for cocobread beef patty. I’m been on a Manhattan search for this. Disappointing thing about Golden Crust is that the cocobread comes out of a bag, like Sunbeam. Anyone been to Caribbean Spice in Gainesville, FL? That’s what I’m looking for!

  • chinolam, if you don’t mind the trip, Christie’s Jamaican Patties on Flatbush in Brooklyn has the best patties and coco bread, period. Also, the Brooklyn West Indian Parade is coming up soon. Tons of food at that event.

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