Pampano Taqueria Food Court is Starting to Fill Out

 Silo Cafe

The food court on 3rd Ave. (btw. 49+50th) that is home to Pampano Taqueria, Sophie’s Cuban, Pump, and Yorganic is about to welcome another addition: the Silo Cafe. This will be the chain’s second branch in Midtown (there is another one located just-in-bounds on 32nd St. btw. Park+Madison), and from the looks of their website it’s just another generic Midtown deli. However, the 32nd St. location does have udon, teriyaki and bibimbap, so this place might be worth a quick looksee, provided they follow suit. The basement of the Crystal Pavillion is finally starting to look less like a war zone, and more like a food court.  (I love food courts.)

Anybody been to the Silo Cafe on 32nd? Feel free to comment below- the good citizens of 3rd avenue are eagerly awaiting your opinions. And if you want to see photos of the interior, they are posted after the jump… 

Silo Cafe

Silo Cafe

Silo Cafe


  • I went to Pampano the other day to try their Chilorio and Alambre tacos… I thought they were pretty good. Loved the salsa…

  • I work right above Silo on 32nd. Totally overpriced and not worth it, though I have not tried their Asian faire. Everyone in my office despises the food there, not to mention the astronomical costs. Their sandwiches are as skimpy and pricey as the sandwiches I recently saw in England! Ridiculous! I wish someone would burn the place down (not only b/c I’d get days off from work…) It is a corporate eyesore, filled with very boring people eating the same boring food all of the time. For a good sandwich merely a block away, I reccommend Bagel Deli (specifically the antipasto sandwich) on 33rd and Madison. At least you get a good price for what they give you. It is not Rosarios but it is good and not too pricey (I believe about 5 bucks).

  • I LOOOOOVE Silo Cafe on 32nd! It’s totally my go-to place. The asian food is right on par, especially the fresh sushi made to order if you want and the UDON and bibimbap is pretty off the hook. During the winter they have some specialty korean jjigae (stew) items that knock my socks off. Their buffet is also the best I’ve tried in Manhattan thus far. The place is also really clean which is a HUGE PLUS+

  • The Silo on 32nd is the default commissary for my office, as well. I’ve certainly had a lot of their pre-made sushi, of which the ordinary California Roll is acceptable (though prices went up during the past year). I used to get the turkey burger (solo, no deluxe) fairly often, but the last five times I’ve gone in there, the burger-maker (who recognizes me) has said they’re out of all burgers–by 2 pm! What gives, Silo? C’mon, hook me up with a turkey burger at 2 pm!

    As commented above, it is very clean-looking, as well as well-lit and inviting in appearance. But, what possessed them to name their midtown deli “Silo”?

  • I too work near the 32nd St Silo. Although i would categorize it as a “somewhat generic midtown deli”, it is very nice and clean inside and has a huge selection. Their hot/cold buffet is fresher then most and they do have bibimbap and udon, etc. They also have a make your own pasta bar which i love (pick your veggies- which they sautee first, sauce, pasta, etc).

    The turkey burgers are good too. They cook them on a flat-top grill and then finish them off over a flame-broiler which gives them a nice flame-broiled taste. It is expensive, but a good place to go if you’re looking for variety.

  • it’s excellent! i used to work closer to 32nd and now i’m at 41st and i’m so happy this silo is coming to us. it’s totally NOT a generic deli and they have higher-end foods and for some reason, they manage to keep their buffet prices really reasonable

  • TO be fair, while I HATE Silo, my Girlfriend told me that the pizza USED to be good when the “drunk guy” made it. Unfortunately, Silo doesn’t condone its employees indulgence of alcohol on the premises…and fired him about six months ago, after which I have been told the pizza suffered tremendously.

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