Hing Won is Back (Again), But Milant is Gone (Again)


Hing Won (on 48th btw. 5+6th) re-opened for business on Friday after being shut down by the Department of Health for the second time in as many months.  You have to wonder how long this can keep going, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  for good Chinese food, I’ll deal with the dirty.

Unfortunately some sad news on the Midtown East sandwich front.  Just after finding out that Hing Won had re-opened, I got an email from a Lunch’er reporting that Milant has been closed for “renovations” until further notice.  No word on whether this is related to their DOH closing a few months ago, but either way this is a huge loss… not just on the sandwich front, but on the cold gazpacho front.  It’s been really freakin’ hot out lately.

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  • I went to Milant a few weekends ago, and I must say, that was the worst sandwich in recent memory. I can’t decide if the skimpiness of the two sandwiches we got were a good or bad thing because they were both downright terrible. My chicken and sun-dried tomato sandwich was like chewing on sawdust and there was approximately 1.5 pieces of sun-dried tomato in the sandwich. The salad offerings looked like they had been sitting in the case since the previous Friday, so no help there.

  • milant has been really bad for a long time now. the sandwiches got smaller. the soup was no longer included. and the place smelled like cats. i stopped going there a few weeks ago after the reopening when i walked in on a hot day and felt ill. one of my co-workers who is far from discriminating also refused to go back after being overwhelmed witht he foul smell of cats on a hot day.

  • I went there once in the past few months from regularly over the winter. I noticed the last time that the sandwich got smaller and on another occasion walked in and it was hotter/smellier inside than outside. Hopefully things turn for the better overall still a good place.

  • Zach, I know you don’t love the chain places, but last summer I had some really good gazpacho at Europa Cafe.

  • Alas, i also noticed that prices went up, quality and size went down, and no more free soup! So that’s what cats smell like…

  • I’ve got to agree – went to Milant in June because I was craving gazpacho. There was a definite funk in the air, the sandwich was on at least day-old bread (tough and chewy), and the gazpacho, which cost an extra $1, had huge chunks of onion and tasted like canned tomatoes and refrigerator. If they’re gone, it’s no loss.

  • Gazpacho was always an extra dollar.

  • A sign in the window says “closed for renovations”, so I’m guessing they’re re-doing the rat’s bedroom

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    Hello everyone, Millant is comming back with a new look in January 2010.

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