At Lunch Now: New Pizza Truck Picks Up Where Pranzo Left Off

Another pizza truck has popped up just north of where Jiannetto’s has
set up their mini-pizza empire. It’s parked on 55th btw. Madison+Park
and the truck is called Papa Perrone’s. Not connected to the mediocre
Pranzo truck that used to be parked one ave. away, the owner does claim
a connection to the famous grandma style pizza trucks just south, but he
makes his own sauce, so I’m not exactly sure where the connection is.

I didn’t actually try the pizza today… I’m going to wait until Monday
when he’ll be serving his artichoke pie (a special only available on
certain days.) I did however taste the arancini, which were smaller
than Jiannetto’s but pretty tasty. He said they were his grandmother’s
recipe. Matzoh ball soup is fine, but I think I may have preferred this
guy’s grandma. (Just kidding Grandma, I love you.)


  • Meat arancini ?

  • someone needs to get some photos of this stuff…stat!

  • @Ben – Sorry… yeah, it was meat (ground beef/sausage mixture with cheese and peas) but they also had a “vegetarian” one as well

    @Ignorant but Happy… soon enough my friend. soon enough.

  • More than a connection:

    I passed it on my way to/fro La Bellezza III but I had a hankering for chicken parm and I’m still having nightmares from the “roll” I got at Jiannetto’s truck.

  • @Bossman – Yeah, I read that too- but then the guy told me he makes his own sauce (which is the whole draw of Jiannetto’s.) So I’m wondering what the “connection” is (aside from him being friends with the guy who owns Jiannetto’s)

  • Perhaps licensing fees?

    No matter, I’m all for anything that brings thin crisp pizza a mere block from the office.

    I’d much prefer it delivered to my bed with a cold six pack by a beautiful woman but I’ll settle (for now).

  • i know what i’m having for lunches on monday.

  • Thanks for the tip, Zach! Mmm. Artichoke pizza…see you at the truck, Blondie. :)

  • @Blondieandbrownie:

    two artichoke


    No clipboards, serving spoons, sharpies or rating sheets.

    What time shall I reserve a conference room?

  • whoa whoa whoa— wait a minute Zach! *Vegetarian* arancini? With what in the middle? magic? mushrooms? mushrooms cheese and peas? Dare I dream? This could change my universe! But damn 55th st is *so* far away….!

  • Brownie can’t handle imbibing at lunchtime, so i’ll drink hers.

  • I’ll be the one with the Grey Goose,Cupcackes……………. and a hammock.

    Have a lovely weekend damn near everyone.

  • I just wanted to clear up a misunderstanding the pizza and sauce are exactly the same as Jiannettos pizza trucks. Papa Perrone’s truck carries their own riceballs, meatballs, baked ziti and other specials such as the artichoke pie. The original riceball is made with chop sirloin, sausage peas and cheese. You can order riceballs with whatever you crave inside(order of 6 or more)

  • You can visit the website at or call with any questions 917-880-1432

  • We went here for lunch on Thursday. We had the riceballs and pizza. The pizza was fantastic, but the riceball was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Never have we tasted a riceball that can compare to the one sold at Papa Perrone’s.

  • I’ve had the pizza a couple times since they set up shop RIGHT OUTSIDE MY OFFICE and can confirm that it does taste just like what I remember Jiannetto’s to be. They were sold out of the rice balls by noon both times I went. Will have to see if I can get my paws on some artichoke pie this afternoon.

  • I’m an idiot (but you knew that)…. am I the only one to assume that artichoke pie coming off a pizza truck would not be QUICHE!!!????? Not that I’ve had quiche more than once (and that time only not to insult the lovely hostess who probably broke a nail ordering it in) it didn’t really ring my bell, alledgedly contains artichoke hearts, pepperoni and mozz. but honestly apart from the occasional whisper of pepperoni all I really tasted were eggs and pie pastry.

    A much better idea would be to to cook up a batch of my new favorite veg (oxymoron alert!), sunchokes and toss ‘em on a PIZZA pie. If I were ordering this again I’d ask for some tomato sauce to give it a little more complexity – the egg is one note)

    More better for dessert I had something fresh and sensuous, firm yet yielding on the outside, warm, moist and oozy on the inside. With every nibble she
    further melted on the tongue as we meshed and became one in an all-encompassing state of bliss.
    Did I say VERY pleasing on the eyes? (porn):

    Afterwards, I consoled myself on being stood up by diving into the always dependable Stella, I drank her in repeatedly and felt a little better afterwards, the saltiness of my tears in the glass made a nice counterpoint to the cold frothiness that is Ms. Artois. Cold and bitter, enticing yet unreachable, cruelty in her beauty, thy name is woman.

  • oh bossman, your “something fresh and sensuous, firm yet yielding on the outside, warm, moist and oozy on the inside” was sitting in front of the pizza truck at 12:45 while you waxed poetic.

  • Of all days to leave my crystal ball at home……

  • i work in the area and fell in love with this guys riceballs until i tasted the artichoke pie(quiche) It was delicious and i can’t wait for tomorrow when i was promised he would have more. see you there…….

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