Free Slurpee Alert: 7-11 Celebrates 7/11 Today

Serious Eats: New York has the low down on this one: In honor of July 11th, 7-11 will be giving out free Slurpees today.  The one on 42nd btw. 8+9th “did the fake Kwik-e-Mart Simpsons tie-in, so it seems pretty connected to 7-Eleven corporate. It’s a good bet they’d participate, but you never know.” [Serious Eats: New York]


  • Yay :) and free food [samples] by me today… a good free food day for me!

  • Oh BTW fun fact! where did I read this… well, 7-11 has more stores in the USA than McDonald’s by about 1000… so how is it possible there are only a handful in NYC vs the millions of McDonald’s??? Where are they putting these 7-11′s??? No, seriously! Can someone answer this?

  • Where ever there is a growing Paki population.

    You can’t throw a stone on Lawn Island without hitting one (although in most areas it’s bricks they’re throwing).

  • It’s like you speak another language for me. Initial thought “WTF is Lawn Island and why should I care?” until saying it in my head enough times came to oh. Long Island. My sister lives in LI, I don’t see any 7-11s on my way out there… nor Pakistani people, either.

  • Umm… that’s another language FROM me. Not for me. That would just be weird and creepy.

  • “nor Pakistani people, either.”

    That’s because you haven’t found any 7-11′s.

    There’s a store locator on their website, but you do know most people try to avoid them, yes?

  • Oh and don’t be bewildered….. be Kanye

  • Oh, the question was “How is it possible there’s more 7-11′s than McDonald’s in the US when McDonald’s is so much more prevalent than 7-11′s???”
    Besides, free Slurpees, brings me back to the days… I have no idea where that 7-11 is but I know I used to love to run in and get one. Cherry sometimes mixed with Coke flavor… and for some strange reason, I adored microwaved-in-the-plastic foodstuffs.

  • all the 7-11′s are in Hong Kong and China. You seriously can’t spit without hitting a 7-11 there. My favorite thing about the 7-11′s in China is that they are open practically 24 hours a day and you can get curry fishballs at any time, and wash it down with local beer, and then get a bag of shrimp chips… and sleep in the street.

  • How about somebody doing some recon at the 23 & Park location? Any sign of free slurpees there?

  • Those slurpees are tiny! 7.11 oz! still yum though.

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