File This Under ‘Things I’d Rather Not Know’

In the comments about Five Guys Burgers & Fries (on 56th btw. 5+6th): “They have updated their menu with calorie info: Cheeseburger is 840, small fries is 620 (no mention if it includes the overflow).”  Also, prices have gone up.  According to one lunch’er: a Little Cheeseburger with fries is now $8.99, up from $8.19.


  • I went there last week and that’s about what I figured, too damn good to stop going. Chipotle, however, got the axe.

  • Why is Bloomberg trying to ruin my life?

  • How can sm fries be 620kcals? a large McD’s fries here is about 500.

  • damn – that meat must be like 10% lean.

    at that calorie count, i’d rather just have this:

  • wow the saturated fat in just a single patty is ridiculous… and the regular burger comes with two patties

  • The only deal there at 5 Guys is to get the “little hamburger” (one patty) with everything, and order nothing else. That’s plenty of food. Plus you can score free peanuts.

  • The “small” fries at 5 guys fills a large paper bag in a preposterous orgy of excess.

  • “The “small” fries at 5 guys fills a large paper bag in a preposterous orgy of excess.” -NoonFoodEat

    Are you speaking english?
    I simply cannot fathom what excess you speak of.

  • what?! all you need is the “little hamburger”? are you insane? you have to have fries with a burgler.

  • When I go to sleep at night, I dream that the womyn on this blog treat their sex like they treat their food and I’m the menu du jour

  • This is the reason why restaurants do not want regulations which force them to disclose how caloric and fatty their foods are…people freak out and don’t want to eat there 5x a week.

    An educated consumer is usually the worst customer. Business’ love ignorant consumers. Which is why I am in favor of blogs and laws that expose good and bad restaurants.

  • I’m speaking English; I guess you can’t comprehend it.

    As for fries with a “burgler,” knock yourself out.

  • Wow….. who pissed in your cornflakes?

    Got humor?

  • robble robble robble robble robble robble

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