New York Times Discovers the Jamaican Dutchy

Jerk Chicken/Sweet & Sour Chicken Combo, The Jamaican Dutchy, Midtown NYC
Jerk Chicken at the Jamaican Dutchy

Julia Moskin has a great Jamaican jerk feature in this mornings New York Times and guess who should pop up, but our good friends at the Jamaican Dutchy (on 51st & 7th Ave.)  She interviews owner Oneil Reid and calls his jerk chicken one of “the best truck lunches in the city.”  No argument here.

But the most interesting part to me is what the article had to say about jerk pork, and why Oneil doesn’t offer it at the Dutchy:

He said that he would like to make jerk pork sometimes, but that many of the other food vendors, and the taxi drivers who inch past his cart in Midtown traffic, are Muslim, and the pork smell bothers them.

That’s a bummer, although entirely commendable.


  • Impressively considerate I’d say.

  • Fuck’em, I’d say.

  • Did anyone catch the Mario Batali interview in the AM paper this morning? He’s standing there with the huge string of fresh sausage draped around his neck and falling off his shoulder like a string of pearls or a meaty boa. mmmmummm porky goodness…

  • It is unfortunate that some cultures find pigs to be offensive, when pork is so tasty. If you thought about it, pigs and humans are quite compatible – Life saving insulin made from pigs is compatible with humans, some organs are transplant able… kind of makes you wonder… if human and pork would taste all that different….
    (note: NOT A CANNIBAL)

  • trichinosis, it’s whats for dinner….

  • @AL@1PP – unless one is nibbling on DocFuck’s wife (and I’m not condoning that by any means) there isn’t the same layering of fat in human meat to even compete with our porcine friends. It’s all about the distribution of fat. We won’t even get into diet difference (and we all know some of the stuff Zach has admitted to consuming).

    That said, there’s nothing better than man-marrow (preferably from the femur and still warm from the butchering).

  • Dear Trichinosis Comment Person… Trichinosis was discovered in the 1800′s and there are about 12 cases per yea, IF THAT- but back in the 90′s. I have been eating pork tenderloin and other pork served medium for over 10 years now. Come on now…

  • AMZING!!!! That’s all i can say.

    After working in midotwn for 3 years, i truely need new places to eat for lunch and im glad to have just found this spot.

    I waited on a line similar to shake shack but onlike shake shack it was not built up to a huge dissapointment. I ordered a large jerk chicken plate with a side of Coco Bread for dessert. Of course like an ignorant fool i asked for hot sauce, the women with the hair net assured me i would be dissapointed.

    Man, this stuff just cam off the bone. Between the tenderness of the meat, the jerk spices and the most fluffy rice n beans ive ever had north of the border this place was amazing.

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