First Look: “Dot” the Second Treats Truck

"Dot" the Newest Treats Truck

The newest member of the Treats Truck family made her debut in Midtown today when Kim Ima brought “Dot” out for a little test run on 38th & 5th Ave.  I love treats, but my inner cynic really wants to hate this whole naming of the trucks thing.  That being said, there is something strangely adorable about this new truck.  Old, rundown, chipped paint, smaller than the normal Treats Truck, and no fancy glass display case, there is a clear Herbie-the-Love-Bug-vibe coming from this vehicle.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s filled with cookies and brownies either.  Today was just a test run, and Kim is probably a ways off from having both trucks up and running at the same time- but ”Dot” may enable her to park in Midotwn spots that Sugar can’t fit into… so there may be some immediate benefits.

A closer look, after the jump… 







  • This is not what I was envisioning at all! For some reason I though this was going to be like a glorified pushcart! I think the naming is cute, but I’m sure Rudy’s going to have something to say about girlie food, cuteness, etc. It could be worse Zach– she could have painted adorable kittens all over it (which, for the record, I would also love)!

  • The damage to the bumper is obviously from when the truck hit Mr & Mrs Chucky as they rolled around fighting over an Arby’s coupon.

    Sarah, would i offend you? :)

    I would of called the truck Fucksnuggles, as these too can make a girl smile.

  • Have yet to sample ol’ Treats Truck’s wares, but I did eat a deer recently.

  • Rudy, you make me smile.

  • I didn’t see Dot when I was out at 12. Fortunately, a coworker spotted her on his lunch jaunt and brought me back an oatmeal cookie. YUM!

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