At Lunch Now: Giant Taco Truck Patrol

Got word from a tipster that last Thursday a taco truck was parked on
the SW corner of 40th St. And 5th Ave. Showed up today and not
surprisingly, it’s nowhere to be found. In its place is a coffee and
breakfast truck that confirmed the existence of a mysterious taco truck
that popped up for one day. “I thought our truck was big, but this
thing was the biggest truck I’ve ever seen.” According to the tipster
it “looked like they had steak, chicken, al pastor, cecina, etc.” Plus
there was a counter to stand and eat your tacos at.

Are you kidding me? People we are at defcon 5. Nothing is important
until this giant taco truck is found. Sightings to report? Do it in
the comments, or email


  • Could this be the taco truck that is normally parked at 14th and 8th? I went to it once and it had the best tacos I’ve had in New York City (and I’ve eaten at Taco Bells all across the country).

  • I’m fairly sure this thing is in Tijuana by now

  • Ah, this reminds me of the mysterious taqueria truck that was always parked on Roosevelt Ave. in my old neighborhood. I only ever saw it in the wee hours of the morning on Saturdays. Always gone before 4 AM.


  • Zach, agreed. This is worthy of a red alert. Let’s summon this Flying Dutchman of Diarrhea back to midtown central – Pampano’s portions barely fill a thimble and Tehuitzingo is a taco too far

  • i saw it yesterday as well and believe i just saw it pass by on 39th street & 5th ave. maybe it’s looking for a good parking spot?

  • The truck at 14th and 8th is awesome, and open late.

  • saw this truck driving down Lexington b/w 51st and 52nd around 1:00 or so.

  • I got so excited when I saw the title of the post, and so sad when I read it was MIA. The taco craving was so strong, I went to Tehuitzingo and got 2 Al Pastor and 1 Suadero.

  • “I only ever saw it in the wee hours of the morning on Saturdays. Always gone before 4 AM.”

    Ah the old “shits that pass in the night” play.

  • Oy, look at all these bad puns and… haha

  • When I was young we would have taco night with the shells that came in a box (maybe it was Ortega?) and use the spice packets to season ground beef my mom would pan fry. We would then grate cheddar cheese, chop onions, tomatoes, and put them into their own seperate bowls along with one for sour cream. When it was all brought out to the table, we’d construct the tacos and eventually after a few bites it would fall apart and we’d eat the rest on our plate as a taco salad.

    God I loved that meal.

  • I was so tempted to email in this sighting too! the back of the truck read “Patsy’s Taco Truck”. I had already picked up my bento, so I didn’t stop to eat, but I’d love to try it out! especially with some kaopectate in hand.

  • Krieger, we had that traditional “taco night” meal as well…. Still do it at the Apikoros house with the addition of Jalapenos… My fave dinner of the week. We have the 1 bedroom, no EIK, so I serve it buffet style, make your own. Especially cause the wife hates lettuce and I hate tomatoes. My favorite part is to eat a spoonfull of the meat, just to make sure it’s ready… :-)

  • Lunchers,
    Patsy’s Taco truck was parked in front of HSBC — on 40th street and 5th ave on Thursday and Friday last week. I talked to the Taco Truck lady on Friday who told me that they wouldn’t open until 2pm. I tried to communicate the absuridty of this to no avail. So I waited, and had tacos. They were good. A colleague of mine who lived in Mexico for several years gave it 7/10. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been back since. Taco Lady come back!

  • I find it hard to believe this rivals Taco Bell, but I will admit to being intrigued.

  • Taco Bell? Are you serious? That’s like comparing Olive Garden to Carmines. Or McDonalds to………actual food. :-O

  • If this is Patty’s Tacos, they were in East harlem every day for about 4 months on 110 and Lexington. I LOVE THEIR TACOS, and I haven’t seen them their in about 2 weeks.
    They have a delivery service and phone #
    347-216-9362 or 347-216-9358
    I wouldn’t call unless you speak spanish.

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