Thursday is Hideki Matsui’s Birthday; Triple Free Topping day at Go Go Curry

DSC08837Whether you’re a Yankees fan, or a fried cutlet with Japanese curry fan, you’ll want to be at Go Go Curry tomorrow (Thursday, June 12th) where they’ll be celebrating Hideki Matsui’s Birthday by giving away 3 free topping cards to every customer. It’s not as good a deal as their $5 1 year anniversary day, but I’ll take it.

More important than that though, Go Go Curry has decided to top their oh so giant and awesome “Grand Slam” with a newly introduced “World Champion Curry.” Check it out (in all its greatness) after the jump…


There’s so much about this flier to get excited about I had to post the whole thing. 1 pork katsu, 1 chicken katsu, 4 sausages, 2 shrimps and a boiled egg (over curry topped rice). At $25 I’m a little skeptical because the grand slam is half the price, but seems like more than half the food. Then again the Champion Curry weighs 5 1/2 pounds, and there are only 5 orders available each day. I’m sure they’re not skimping… You’d need to recruit at least two other people to make it a Midtown Lunch (and I’m guessing four people would be filled up this monstrosity), but I’d like to find the lunch’er who could polish one off on their own (and possibly video tape it). Any volunteers?! 273 W. 38th St. (btw. 7+8th), 212-730-5555


  • while i love go go curry, and its various promotions, note that the free topping coupons have expiration dates, generally the 31st of the month. health nuts and the adventuresome should try the natto.

  • They’ve had the World Champion for a while now. I could finish one of those. ;) I had a Grand Slam as an appetizer a couple of weeks ago.

  • there is nothing more foul and revolting on god’s green earth than “natto”….seriously. Anyone who can stomach that stuff gets my admiration….

  • youve obviously never tried taiwanese stinky tofu.

  • haha to the above commenters, check out “steve don’t eat that” – there ARE indeed things more disgusting than both those items.

    and dude….. eating 5.5 lbs of food in one go canNOT be good for you. or your coworkers who have to share the bathroom with you =P

  • Taiwanese stinky tofu is heaven. Natto… not so much.

    Can the cards be used tomorrow?

    $25 for roughly 3.5 lbs of rice is not that great of a deal.

  • That site is GROSS but interesting…

  • I don’t think pickled pork rinds are gross. It’s not my thing, but eh, you know, I’ve eaten pork rind burritos in the past and they get a little squishy.

    Now that I’ve grossed out the vegans, my work here is done.

  • Now that Matsui has hit a grand slam on his 34th birthday GoGoCurry will need to come up with a new celebration promotion.

  • I’m your huckleberry.

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