At Lunch Now: Metal Gear Solid 4 Line Stretches All the Way to Margon

It’s 2:30pm and the line to buy Metal Gear Solid tonight at Midnight stretches all the way from Virgin Megastore in Times Sqaure to Margon on 46th btw 6+7th, which is where these kids got their cuban sandwiches (they’ve been waiting on line since Noon). Waiting on line for twelve hours is definitely easier if you’re in front of some of the best cuban food in Midtown.

Some other good options for those waiting on line… Minar (right next to Margon) and the Briyani Cart at the end of the block.


  • Adults, Queueing, for a computer game.

    Fortunately you have that other past time of drive by shootings to hopefully thin these fuckwits out abit.

  • The virginity levels of that crowd must be astonishing…

  • I’m tired of all the negative comments directed towards gamers. They probably get laid just as much if not more then DubbininBklyn and all his non gamer friends. Bunch of NooBs.

  • NYC Strong, it doesn’t count when you’re “getting laid” online with some old guy in his underwear pretending to be a nubile 17 year old

    FYI you’re also disqualified when its with Rosie Palm and her 5 sisters

  • What the eff is metal gear solid 4? Is that the only girl in the line?

  • Any difference between hardcore gamers and hardcore food bloggers?

  • I’d say most of us are getting laid, shower regularly and are not zit faced dweebs.

  • Oh, and we don’t dress like we’re still in high school.

  • Actually folks, most of the people on line were there cause the writer/director/designer of the game was going to be there at midnight to sign copies of the game.

    Personally, I’m just going to buy it today after work (if it isn’t sold out). Yes I dress like an adult and get laid regularly, sorry to disappoint.

  • cause everyone knows a guy with a signed copy of a game totally helps you get laid…

    …with other guys on line for the game at midnight

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