Missed the BABBP? It’s Daisy May’s for Lunch Today…

If you missed the one on the left this weekend, get the one on the right today in Midtown

It was a porktastic weekend for everybody who braved the heat and hit up the Big Apple BBQ Block Party this weekend.  I stopped by for a bit on Sunday and enjoyed my personal favorite: Ed Mitchell’s whole hog sandwich.  A creation just as amazing as it sounds, he literally takes a whole pig out of the smoker, and chops it down into sandwich form (you may say the secret ingredient is the crispy bits of skin.)  If you missed it, and now you’re craving some ‘cue (there are alot of meat photos from Madison Sq. Park floating around flickr today) there really is only one for lunch today in Midtown:  the Daisy May’s BBQ cart on 50th btw. 6+7th

I though everybody knew about this pretty famous cart, but you’d be surprised.  They used to have a couple more carts on the east side, and one downtown- but it looks like those are gone for good, leaving 50th as your only option.  (Actually the last time a Daisy May’s cart was on the east side was for the filming of that new Adam Sandler “Zohan” movie.  Anybody see the cart in the movie?)

Seeing as how you probably won’t want to eat outside today (“Feels Like” 102° + 43% humidity = a very sweaty Zach), the cart does a real good job of packaging up everything to take back to your desk.  If you do eat outside,  you might want to snag one of their awesome sweet teas.  At $4, it’s a little pricey, but you get to keep the mason jar.


  • too hot and still too many people for me to venture to the BABBP. so close to my apt. yet so far.

    is the quality still good made in mass form outside?

  • Oish, was that The Pit w/Ed Mitchell? I ws instructed to go there but the line was around the corner (FASTPASS LINE) and I was feeling faint. I’m weak when it comes to heat. Dang it to h*.

  • PS I’d rather have the one on the right

  • I live literally, a block off the Park, and I avoided the BBQ Fest like the plague. Heat plus hour plus long waits with masses surrounding me makes a very ANGRY Goats.

  • I went and lasted an hour. I was only able to make it to one booth before I overheated, which was Rack and Soul’s. I’m very, very ashamed of myself and mad about the wretched weather.

  • I feel kind of jipped. Everyone keeps talking about the skin at The Pit and my sandwich had ZERO texture. I had no idea you had to ask for the skin and then on the eater comments section someone said when they asked for skin, it was for VIPs (i’m guessing fast pass or media members).

  • I was there saturday and sunday. Stood on line saturday for a fast pass. The longest lines I stood online for, were for the craw fish hush puppies, and the California beef ribs. They ran out of the salad at the beef ribs place, so they gave double meat instead, So I got 2 enormous beef ribs and a large cut of the sausage. the beef ribs were really good. The meat literally fell off the bone and was so tender and juicy. the sausage was a little burnt, they were playing fast and loose with the sausages because it was holding all the lines up, a mini grease fire flared up while I was waiting on line.

  • And if you were a pretty girl wearing a dress and a Fast Pass, Ed Mitchell was super generous with the ribs. I did get very lightheaded while waiting for the crawfish, and needed to nap a bit after.

  • blue smoke had 2 ribs and some pickled okra for $8. One rib for $4? Yes it was good, but really really not worth it. I didn’t even enjoy the okra. It was a fun day though, with some free things to make up for the price of each dish. Some lady handed me a shot of chilled avocado corn soup, that despite being a Rachel Ray recipe, was delicious.

  • I am a southerner born and bred. BBQ sauce was my mother’s milk and a pork bone was my binkie.

    There is NO WAY that real BBQ is being served anywhere in “New Yawk.”

    I, for one (and my wife agrees, so make that 2) refuse to even acknowledge that what is being prepared and served in NY is “BBQ.”

    Sorry people, but I am right on this (again). Trust me.

    I’d say the same thing if you were presumptuous enough to write about a catfish fry or a rodeo.

  • Chucky you so fat if you did rodeo you’d squish the fuckin bull/horse.

    And if you and you’re Mrs are so anti Manhattan why post?…….we all know..you in your heart bow down and lick Yankee boots.

    Once again, you’re an Obese salad dodging klan reject.

  • Catfish fry? You white trash mo fo cracka d’psheet.

  • Now you’ve gone and done it, worked DocCHuck into a lather again. It will take a series of a half dozen or so high colonics followed by a half hour of me walking on his back in 6 inch heels and not another stitch else (which given that I am 300+ pounds is no mean feat, if such things stimulate you) to get him calmed down again. Of course, bbq is low and slow smoked meat. You have smoke, you have low heat, you have meat – and you put them together for a time and you have bbq – no matter whether you are on the surface of Mars, NYC, or the in heart of the south – but I’m afraid the good doctor is too addled by the permanent brain damage from several spats of lingering venereal disease to realize that. I appreciate you folks letting him rant here, no matter how big of an imbecile he shows himself to be.

  • I take offense to that. He was addle brained long before he caught me.

  • Chucky, did you just copy and paste that from Superman’s blog? Because you left the exact same observation there. Are we that lazy today?

  • chucky’s wife: it certainly sounded like “mean feet” to me
    chucky: i would put up the pulled pork at rack and soul against any place in your beloved south.

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