New Treats Truck Coming; Schedule Changes for Today

Cookie fans on 45th & 6th will have to wait until tomorrow to get their Treats Truck fix.  Due to a private event in the afternoon, the Treats Truck will be parking at a location to be announced from Noon to 2pm (check the website for details), before returning to their typical Wednesday spot (45th & 6th) on Thursday from Noon to 4pm.

For those who feel like the Treats Truck doesn’t come to your office nearly enough, you’ll be happy to hear that Time Out New York reported earlier in the week that a second Treats Truck is close to being unleashed on the city, and treats maker Kim has assured me that the second truck will be spending some time in Midtown.  As soon as that truck is out and about, we’ll let you know, or you can check for updates on their website,


  • Since yesterday morning, after reading this post, i’ve been eagerly looking forward to checking out the treat truck for the first time today. (yes, I have no life).

    Unfortunately the Truck wasn’t at 45th an Sixth today (after 12). I even went to the truck’s website, and they posted the same location schedule for today. Horrors… And i was definitely pathetic, asking anyone who looked like they might be regulars on that corner (security guards, store clerks) where the truck usually parks. No luck today. Sigh.

    Next time.

  • Update from the Treats Truck Website: That would Explain it!

    June 5th-Where’s Sugar?
    We’re circling our usual spot on 45th. As soon as the parking gods allow we will set up shop! You can call our phone line before stopping by. Thanks for your patience (and waves from the street)!

    All our best,

    The Treats Truck

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